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Neighbourhood Watch

At the recent city council meeting on the August 2nd 2019 a proposal was passed by the Governor, Mayor and other City Councillors to start up a Neighbourhood Watch program in Santa Ramona Valley.

Neighbourhood Watch is often the cornerstone of a cities crime prevention strategy. Its been very effective in places like LA and San Francisco. It enlists the active participation of residents, in cooperation with law enforcement, to reduce crime in communities throughout the City.

SRPD is a small department with limits on manpower and resources and we recognise there is a growing crime problem in SRV. The PD knows a large proportion of crimes go unreported for various reasons.

That is the main reason behind the setting up a Neighborhood Watch blocks that is being pioneered by the Santa Ramona Police Department to help educate community residents regarding their roles and responsibilities in the prevention of crime, and to encourage them to take active measures to report and assist in preventing crime in our city.

The program will call upon residents to step forward and assist the police in organizing the community into a cohesive unit working toward the goal of building a safer, crime-free neighborhoods.

Neighborhood Watch groups would meet to discuss neighborhood crime problems with the objective of developing solutions to local problems. Santa Ramona Police Officers supply crime information to neighborhood watch organizations and instruct these groups in various crime prevention techniques.

The program will see the setting up of 4 City Blocks. Each under the control of a Block Captain.

Block 1 - All streets from Pacific Ave to Mission Blv, including all of Vestral St, Grove Ave, Old High Street, Morrisey Rd, Seaview Terr and Bel Air Blv

Block 2- All streets from Mission to Wild Horse Drv , including Dusty Trail, West Point, Junipero Ave, Hunter Rd and the Northern End of Imperial Blv and North Shady Street to the edge of China Town

Block 3- All streets from South Shady St to University Drv, including El Camino St, Retro Drv, Sedona Drv and the Southern end of Imperial Blv as far as University, this Block also covers the Mall

Block 4- All streets from University Drive to Scarlet Lane, including Shanty St, Rookery St, Saturn Way, High St Cozy St and Rhydin St.

Block Captains *******************

The continuity and success of the Neighborhood Watch program hinges on the person referred to as the Block Captain. The "Block Captain" is a community member who acts as a liaison between those who work and/or live in a particular area, and the officers assigned to that area. Through the Block Captain, and through neighborhood meetings, officers pass along crime prevention tips and information to members of the community. This liaison is maintained on an informal basis within the framework of the Neighborhood Watch group.

The Block Captain is responsible for recruiting members for his/her Block and holding informal Block Neighborhood watch meetings(say once a month or bimonthly, whatever they feel is needed)

The Block Captain must live(or have a business) within the Block they Captain for. They must be be registered with City Hall and SRPD and be over 21 years of age, they must declare their business interests in the block. And will be subject to criminal back ground checks as well as other rules, to make the program run efficiently.

The Block Captain then brings any concerns(not pertaining to SRPD Officer conduct which handled by the CRB) to Chief Jade-Ramierz, Lt Brentt or a local SRPD Officer.

Anyone interested in becoming a Block Captain for their area is asked to contact. Acting Police Chief and Council member Azariah Brentt on the following number XXX-XXX-XXX or to e-mail him at the e-mail address supplied((IM or NC)) for more information.

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