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Miller and his crew had set up a scene for the movie "Neverland 2" coming back from a break about the time the squad car rolled up. Miller start to step forward as the police Lt. started grabbing crime scene tape. When Miller was order back. He woud comply and just watch at last when the Acting Chief Brentt pulled back the sheet and shouted it's a dummy. Miller would just bust out laughing as he stare at Acting Chief Brentt " Yep it sure is" Miller could be heard saying. But in the end they all had a good laugh, maybe Miller laughed harder but it was still a good time.

Response from Acting Chief Brentt ..........We turned into Scarlet Lane on a routine parole check and not expecting to see bodies blocking the road. No report of an incident had come into Dispatch, so our first assumption was either that it had freshly happened or was one of the many things in that area that are never reported. We responded quickly as we are trained to do so and began to contain the scene and get whatever help was needed for victims. It was then while checking bodies inside the vehicle that it become apparent something was off with the whole thing.

It become obvious then that the bodies where dummies. And after addressing a man on scene, who we know to be film maker if he knew anything about it. It was then with much mirth he told us it was scene set up for a film. Despite their embarrassment at the mistake, both of the Officers on scene found the whole thing extremely funny.

"It goes to prove two things, firstly whatever movie this is part of, if the whole is as realistic as this one scene shou