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On the 2nd of August 2019 in the City Hall council meeting, a proposal was passed with approval by the Governor, Mayor and City council members over a new media production company to be situated in Santa Ramona Valley.

Create-TVT a television production company will open up diverse employment opportunities for those who hold media and production as well as television related skill sets, the city councilman and FD Chief Dimitri Rousseau who thought up and proposed the media company says.

"This is a chance for anybody business minded and interested in ownin' shares in a television company and bein' able to run an' select media content. This will also provide chances for local celebrities, musicians, actors, tv hosts and presenters, make up and hair stylists, sound engineers and lighting as well as camera men and women to be employed in such an endeavor. Create-TVT will be a live audience Television experience filmed on stage. This TV company will also hold a social media account which will show pictures from shows as well as provide advertizing for the company and shows and eventually other local businesses who may pay Create-TVT for commercial promotion." The Councilman explained.

"The content can be anything from Talk Shows to Political/News segments and Fashion TV to Live Cooking Contests/ Shows. Sports and Event coverage included. The company had three financial backers but they have relocated and won't be funding the company now so I decided to let it go on the market in Santa Ramona and let any business minded individuals put a bid in for the company as it is now an IPO. This means an Initial Public Offering where shares can be bought by anybody with interest and financial means.

One individual has already expressed their interest but if anybody else is interested, then please let me know via email and we will sit down at City Hall and draw up a contract and submit the paperwork for permits and filming license to City Hall and get the site for the company allocated." The councilman added.

The councilman and FD Chief leaves his email [OOC- avatar name Joubert015 resident, leave a notecard.] for further contact.

[OOC: Civilians can take part and host their own segments!

All that is required for civilians to take part is to sign up for a time segment and they are able to present their own show up on stage. [Dropping a notecard with a time and day and letting the production know what the set up should be on the specified day.]