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City Hall Meeting Disrupted by Impeachment Talk, Proposals Passed

The latest City Hall council meeting saw three proposals passed and a call for impeachment of the current Mayor, Mr Roman Ramirez, formerly an SRPD Police Sergeant by a citizen who threw the council meeting into disorder with his announcement.

The meeting had started orderly enough, presided over by Governor Stone and included the three city council members along with Mayor Ramirez and the City Manager Lillian Llewelyn.

As the meeting progressed to the first proposal, a man stood up and asked whether the information he held on a piece of paper was correct which was to do with the conditions requisite for an impeachment of the current Mayor for public abuse of trust.

The meeting then descended into uncertainty and some disorder before Governor Stone was able to retain order and tell the citizen that he would have to wait until the order of business had taken place first with the council discussing proposals for the city initially before being able to discuss matters the citizens wished to raise. The man declared that the South side would hold their own elections in the South side, disparaged Mayor Ramirez for public abuse of trust and added that a new Mayor would be appointed.

The City council however pressed on with the initial business of proposals as planned and a new meeting for discussion of civilian issues in both South and North side has been scheduled for a later date.

The meeting was resolved and new proposals were passed, including:

*A Beach Festival for Unity of the North-South side, a proposal made by Mayor Ramirez and City Manager Lillian Llwewlyn. The two had outlined the idea for a festival which promotes use of Santa Ramona beaches and thereby promoting tourism and drawing civilians in to enjoy a day of festivities with a harmonious message for city unification.

*A neighborhood watch scheme proposed by Lieutenant Brentt and acting city councilman Chief. The proposal entails communities divided into blocks with particular citizens able to enroll as Block Captains, able to liase with a police Officer and report issues within the community, in particular crime, safety and any public disorder.

*A Television media production company proposed by city Chief councilman and FD Chief Dimitri Rousseau. The Television Media Production company has been offered as an IPO- Initial Public Offering to the business minded citizens of Santa Ramona, with one or two public members from the audience in the meeting expressing interest in owning shares in the company which would look to set up economic benefits and job openings for those involved in media, actors, TV hosts, newsreaders and musicians, sound and lighting, make up and hair and wardrobe as well as on set craft work. The Chief set a few examples of what potential media content could be expected from such a media production company and outlined the way it could be set up which would allow the public to enjoy a live TV experience and for media talent to book slots for shows and organizing viewing easily.

The tension between North and South side residents seems to be reaching a boiling point and it remains to be seen what the next City Hall meeting will unravel but it would seem that the Governor and some citizens are cautiously optimistic that a public forum might be the key to addressing the issues the city faces.