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Santa Ramona's very own Race Track kicked off with a roaring start as Santa Ramona's very own race car drivers went head to head in an exciting three lap race of the three mile race track with big prizes won by those competing.

Winner Joanne Steel, drummer with the band formed in Santa Ramona, The Ashes was the prize winner, taking 1st place after a close race which saw her winning the $50,000 dollar cash prize. In 2nd place was Zoe Svard, Owner of The Reel, winning $25,000 and third place went to Sevynne Nightfire, hostess of hit show OverHaulin' who netted $12,500.

The winner Joanne Steel stated: "What can I say... I mean seriously I am speechless and still can't believe I won. I have to give recognition to the other competitors in the race, thankfully everyone escaped without injury but I don't think any of us avoided the barriers, especially on corner 4- I think it is as that is so tight you have to break and turn in then immediately turn back out to negotiate the second corner but it's a fun track".

Only one collision was reported with a race car careening off the tracks and crashing into a barrier. Race car driver Armand Dupres, 21, of Rousseau's Construction company had this to say about his performance:

"It was a tough track, I didn't handle the sharp turn on the third bend so well as you can see-an' goin' at it in seventh gear at well over one hundred made sure of it." He did add, "The competition was tough. The winner deserves her prize." He confirmed he had to leave the race car behind and forfeit the race due to his inability to continue. "I was pretty damn groggy an' dizzy. I knew I couldn't see straight an' I was in no shape to go on but luckily I weren't hurt too bad. EMS was on scene and I got checked out quickly by them, so my

thanks to SRFD."

City councilman Dimitri Rousseau whose Race Track proposal saw the track approved by City Hall and indeed oversaw the building of it from ground up with his construction company, hosted the race itself and stated: "I am very happy that some of the city were able to turn out an' enjoy the races as well as the After Party at the beach by Pacific Avenue. Turn out was good and I feel like local businesses who invest in the races can only benefit as well as the city, by holdin these races. A big thank you to all local businesses who did participate and I hope they made a tidy profit. I also am glad that those who raced had a good time and could enjoy the prize money from our private investors who were the financial backers for this race track." He added,"In the future the next racing event would be with motorcycles."

The Race Track was an idea proposed by the council man and FD Chief to provide economic opportunities to local businesses, local musicians and talent, garages and mechanics as well as media personalities.

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