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A Southside View

I am the owner of a small business in Southside of Santa Ramona Valley. I came to Santa Ramona when I was 19, looking for my sister, who I ended up finding. I didn't have a lot in the way of experience working or education, but I got lucky and Frank Castle gave me a job at an auto shop. I worked hard to hone my skills and save my money to buy the Lock N Load pawn shop in Southside, sinking every dime I had in it. No sooner had I succeeded, then I saw how the police in this town failed me.

I run a legit business.

I'm not perfect by any measure of the word, but my business is clean and I have a great relationship with the ATF, passing every inspection without a single issue. I've never been arrested, I've never been questioned, I've never been in trouble with the SRPD or any Police Department.

Considering those facts above, please read the following course of events:

February 2019, Officer Ling Lee of the SRPD walked into my shop, Lock N Load, in Southside for a general canvasing about a missing woman. I had a line of people and asked her to wait a moment, not knowing what the question was about. She jumped my gun counter, demanded I speak to her and then pushed me against a wall. I had just had a child the week before. I have letters of apology admitting what happened from the officer, I got cameras after this incident, not for criminals, but for the police brutality.

March 2019, former Sgt. Roman Ramirez arrived to a crime scene well down the road from Lock N Load, yet blocked access to my parking lot and business. I was asking the other officers to move their cars to the actual crime scene and not in front of my business as they do it all the time. Suddenly, this officer came out of a car with lights on and started to pull his gun out of his holster. No reason, no provocation. He later stated it was only to 'show it to me' so I could 'sell him accessories' for it. During a call, with his lights on, without so much a word of warning before pulling a gun for any reason, he's trying to do business with my shop? When I reacted by raising my hand and freaking out because I was just standing in my parking lot by a ladder where I'd just put up cameras. Suddenly, he tried to give me expensive baseball cards to sell. I have all of this on camera.

April 2019 - Sgt. Ramirez came back to the shop to try again to smooth things over by giving me expensive baseball cards that I could sell for a lot of money. I refused and asked he not show up again to my shop. I have all of this on camera.

May 2019, two officers of the SRPD came to the door of my shop, guns drawn and said they had a warrant. One officer then began tapping on the glass with a gun and waving it out. They began taunting me about my daughter getting hurt. When I walked outside my shop, they opened fire on myself and boyfriend, Theo Castle. Until they shot the cameras, I have this on camera too.

May/June 2019 - Sgt. Ramirez's mayoral campaign put illegal signs up for his campaign on my shop. I reported it to the authorities and asked that he not come to my property. Ramirez showed up, I told him to leave, then he would not and I ordered him out my shop. I had a gun at my side, that I had cleaned because I work at a GUN SHOP, but he has lied to all involved that I pointed it at him. I have all of this on camera. There was never a gun pointed at him by me.

June 2019, I was awarded an Order of Protection against Roman Ramirez by Judge Gil T. Justice.

July 2019, I was kidnapped and reported missing by my boyfriend Theo Castle and my sister, Dr. Evelyna Stone. There was little to no investigation into my disappearance. I was held against my will, tortured, raped and beaten for days. I was held with an officer of the SRPD, Jaren Toxx, who was tortured and beat along with me. In a moment that we were being moved to a new location, I attacked one of our kidnappers, getting him to the ground and injuring him. I then helped Officer Toxx up, held him against me and we limped to his nearby home, I could have left him and ran, I did NOT. I saved his life. The kidnapper came after us, running us down, then came into Toxx's home where Toxx shot him. I ran to the nearest phone and called for help for the officer. I waited for two weeks and no officer came to get my statement or cared at all about what happened to me. Let me explain, while I was missing, my boyfriend canvassed the area, asking everyone for information about what happened the day I was taken from Juan's. He engaged with business owners, people walking around and my sister for help as she ran the hospital across the street with cameras that showed portions of the street. When I was found, my care was solely from my boyfriend as the police had no desire to come seek me out.

They had their officer back, which I knew when I saw the manhole to the tunnels we were held in roped off and under investigation. They did not contact me for two weeks. They did not come to see me. They did not come to my business to speak to me. They gave not two shits about me.

Today, July 28, 2019 - LIghts go out all over Southside and then the SRPD arrive at my shop, guns out, swat gear, jumping out an armored car and screaming at me. I was standing outside my shop, unarmed with a friend, my boyfriend was inside. They stated they had a warrant and asked where my daughter was, I asked what the warrant was for, then I heard explosions and a blast of light. I ran inside my shop, where my daughter was sleeping in the downstairs apartment. No one in their right mind would have stayed out on a street when explosions were the answers to "what is the warrant for?". My place of business has never been the subject of an investigation. I have never been the subject of an investigation. All I have had is violence from the SRPD.

When does the abuse by the SRPD stop? This is six months of documented abuse and harassment by SRPD to me and my business. A business that has never been implicated or suspected in any wrongdoing, nor have I.

After hours of back and forth with the shady SRPD, I finally am served a warrant why my business and home will be searched.

1. My boyfriend reported me missing and without any evidence, they decided he knew where I was the whole time.

2. At the crime scene, they found two hairs on my clothing. One a dog hair, likely from my dog. And one a hair from my boyfriend. Yes, the compelling evidence that a hair from my dog and my boyfriend that I live with, were found on my clothing.

3. A long while ago, my boyfriend committed some crimes. He did. He served his time for those crimes. He drugged and kidnapped people. Two people were drugged and kidnapped, so therefore all drug and kidnappings must have been perpetrated by him.

That's it. That's the whole reason for power outages, SWAT, tactical gear, guns drawn and ready to break down doors to legit businesses in Southside. Because I had my dog's hair and my boyfriend's hair on my clothes.

SRPD does not want us to succeed in Southside. They don't want us to move forward or better ourselves or offer fair services t