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Reporting from Southside, Dissenting or Just Venting?

Today reporters from the Santa Ramona Chronicles contacted the SRPD in regards to recent happenings in Southside, recently a raid had happened on a local pawn shop. Investigative reporter Clark called to find out what happened, and why the power seemed to be cut off at the time of this event. An unidentified individual at the PD provided the answers,

"On the afternoon of 07/28/19 a SWAT team from SRPD arrived at Lock 'n' Load in Rookery street to serve a search warrant we had for the premises and all premises associated with a particular individual known to reside/work there. The warrant was lawful and authorized by Judge Justice. For legal and confidentiality reasons I am not at liberty to discuss the conditions of the warrant or what it was in regard too.

Due to previous experience with individual who has in past been more than willing to shoot at police officers, the fact that our officers have been threatened at gun point on the premises, the fact that the building is known to be packed with various firearms that we have no real way of knowing if they are loaded or not and in the light of the recent shooting and murder of Officer Smith on duty, it was determined the suspect and location posed an increased and substantial risk to the safety of our personal. For that reason we decided to handle it as a Special Weapons and Tactics operation.

We were aware prior that there was a high possibility there would be an infant either there or at the suspects home address and we had contingencies in place to deal with that. Orders had been given at briefing that the primary priority was the safety and security of the infant. The team was ordered not to deploy CS gas or Stun grenades known as Flashbangs, if she was on scene and I was our intention to allow the mother out with the child at the earliest opportunity.

However the appearance of the child's grandfather on scene and his subsequent crossing of our cordon lines, coupled with protesters throwing projectiles and small car explosion at our backs, only served to complicate what should of been a simple, rehearsed and well orchestrated securing of a potentially volatile scene without injury or loss of life.

As it was the mother and infant were allowed to leave when the opportunity arose, as well as another woman in the premises. The subject of the warrant was detained while the premises and the other premises on the warrant were searched. A few items were found and have been retained for evidence and the individual has been released while we ascertain how they pertain to the case and if an arrest is going to be made."

the interviewee continued after a brief moment of thought in regards to our second question.

"I can't really comment about that other than an Officer put a call through to PEG and it is my understanding she asked for Lock 'n' Load to be isolated and the power cut to the building as is standard procedure. For whatever reason that request was misunderstood. SRPD apologies for any inconvenience caused, it certainly was not our intention to cut out the whole of the SouthSide. I am not entirely sure what happened and we will conducting an inquiry into the whole thing. And in the future only Command Officers will be able to put that call through"

Citizens had a different perspective however, Miller H. Times provided his opinion,

"Once again the south side was treated rudely and unfair. The SRVPD could of just cut power to the pawn shop but in stead cut it to the entire south side, oh sure sure th power was restored later, but at a rumored 20% deficiency because the North side needed more power for their fancy pool and all that AC, We are just hard working men an woman that are tiered of being the Mayor and the D.A.'s punching bag. Our streets are filled with potholes, We have no city buses to run our kids to the pool so they have to play in water that drips from our rusted water run off pipes as we don't have the fancy beaches in the south not even a park so our kids have to play in the streets dodging not only police cars but also bullets So when we peacefully protested we were threatened with Jail and teargas."

Another Citizen, Kamryn Zoe Sᴠᴀ̈ʀᴅ, offered her additional concern as she were inconvenienced by the power outage and outraged by the response,

"You know I was minding my own business when all the sudden the lights went out. Like that was the worse time for the damn lights to go out along with the air conditioner. I went outside to find a bunch of stuff going on down the road where there was a Swat team. Like what the hell! So a group of us walked to the end of the road and the next thing you know....the whole damn south side started to scream with signs and all. There was cars being lit on fire and everything!!" She took a moment to look around before she started to talk some more to the reported. "The problem I have is that these cops don't even take the time to figure out their homework! There was a baby in that building and they were coming with force! All I can say is fuck the cops!"

One thing we do know here at the Chronicles is that the police have been riddled with controversy in recent history and it could only be a matter of time before the powder keg blows, or it could blow over, time will tell.