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Reporting from Southside, Dissenting or Just Venting?

Today reporters from the Santa Ramona Chronicles contacted the SRPD in regards to recent happenings in Southside, recently a raid had happened on a local pawn shop. Investigative reporter Clark called to find out what happened, and why the power seemed to be cut off at the time of this event. An unidentified individual at the PD provided the answers,

"On the afternoon of 07/28/19 a SWAT team from SRPD arrived at Lock 'n' Load in Rookery street to serve a search warrant we had for the premises and all premises associated with a particular individual known to reside/work there. The warrant was lawful and authorized by Judge Justice. For legal and confidentiality reasons I am not at liberty to discuss the conditions of the warrant or what it was in regard too.

Due to previous experience with individual who has in past been more than willing to shoot at police officers, the fact that our officers have been threatened at gun point on the premises, the fact that the building is known to be packed with various firearms that we have no real way of knowing if they are loaded or not and in the light of the recent shooting and murder of Officer Smith on duty, it was determined the suspect and location posed an increased and substantial risk to the safety of our personal. For that reason we decided to handle it as a Special Weapons and Tactics operation.