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Cult Activity in Santa Ramona Valley,CA


Santa Ramona Police Department Address: 7 Grove Ave, Santa Ramona,Ca Contact: Lt. Azariah Brentt Date: July 20th 2019


For a few months now SRPD has been investigating what is now believed to be are 'cults' springing up around town. A large amount of esoteric graffiti has been appearing on walls and surfaces all over SRV. The department has been logging these in the hopes of understanding what they meant. “The graffiti is all esoteric and satanic in nature, which is when we started to believe we were dealing with a cult.” said Lt A Brentt. “Due to some of the symbols being placed on top of each other or in position of opposition, its our current belief that we maybe dealing with two rival cults or a rouge faction of one that has broken away. For this reason we removed several lots of graffiti ourselves and made several requests to have the rest removed, believing that there was fair chance they would incite cult members to violence against each other. I am not sure why it never happened,” Lt Brentt commented “Maybe memo's got lost or something.”

SRPD also believes that several crimes that have happened lately have their roots with this cult or cults. Its reasonably certain that the incidences at the Reel Club at the end of May were linked to them. “We have evidence that is almost conclusive proof that this the case, however what we have lacked until now is names to put to the members of this cult. Its also possible that they were involved in the bomb that went off in Rhydin Street on June 9th this year.” said Lt Brentt. “However we are still investigating the bomb and have a lead we are keen to follow up, so at this point the cults involvement is in no way conclusive.”

It is believed that the fire during mass at the Mission Church on Vestral Street recently is also linked to one or other of the cults. “What we think has happened is a second cult or a rouge break away faction is engaged in some kind of war with the other cult. Since we now know at least one of the cults seems to be connected with the church its unclear at this time why they would try to destroy the church, it all gives more credence to a second cult or break away faction. What ever the reason at least twelve people were at Mass that day and could well of been more, who got out and never report to hospitals.” Lt Brentt comments. “We also have a major lead we are following in this case, which, like the lead we have with the bomb, we are unable to give further information about at this time.”

“We are monitoring the city for further signs of cult , as we are not sure at this point, if they have left the city or have disbanded.”

“That's all the information we are able to disclose at his time as we have several on going investigations taking place. I wanted to pass on what we can for now to let the public to know that we are taking the 'cult' activities in Santa Ramona seriously.”

No further information will be released by Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.

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