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Santa Ramona civilians are bemoaning the loss of their church located on Vestral Avenue, tucked to the side of the cities Dam. The church burned down in a devastating fire and has been unable to be salvaged, sadly demolished this week. However the reasons for the church's destruction is still unclear and an on going investigation is taking place under the SRPD.

Santa Ramona Chronicles spoke to the SRFD who successfully put out the fire the night the church burned.

"There was a fire investigation and while our findings ain conclusive, we are leaning toward that this could be an arson attack against the church." FD Chief Dimitri Rousseau announced to the Chronicles.

"There is also some strange discoveries we found when investigatin'. An altar piece fashioned into a symbol such as the many that have been plastered round town, some blood aroun' the altar area and a cross hangin upside down." The Chief admitted when questioned but also added,

"Right now the SRPD are investigating and I'm sure they will find the culprits behind this."

The Chief also admitted that the altar piece that resembled one of the so-called 'cult' symbols that are plastered around the city, has gone missing recently. "We don't know where it went but we did see it at the site of the church, now it gone. It would've been easy ta take--- there no doors an' the site is accessible ta somebody determined ta get past scaffoldin' an such that set up in place already." The Chief stated.

While the police work on investigating the incident, there has yet to be any confirmation over if the blood inside the church is human or if a body has been found.

There is also the question of why such items were found inside the church- civilians have been questioning whether there might be links between the 'satanic' cult which has been rumored to exist in the city and the church? Or was this an attack on the church and did this alleged secretive cult hold a ceremony within the sacred place of worship? Civilian Mia Lopez stated, "I don't know what the hell is going on with that place- and there's all these weird symbols and shit put up on around the city. I am a church going woman and I just want a regular church to attend! As for this cult bullshit, I am really freaked out to think we got some Satanists up in here, in this city. Might be somethin to do with them body snatchin organ traffickers that was here last year."

With the church now being demolished, there is talk of what will take it's place. There are rumors that this may be addressed at the next City council.

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