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Community Review Board-Volunteers Requested

With the election of a new mayor, the first SRPD Community Review Board can be selected. In order to form this board, we need volunteers who would be willing to be responsible for the following:

Receive complaints from community members in regards to SRPD officers and personnel

Review complaints, including those filed by SRPD

Determine if complaints should be investigated by Internal Affairs, which is handled by the DA's office or if they should be dismissed without investigation

Review disciplinary decisions on sustained complaints reached by internal Affairs and carried out by SRPD Command staff.

If not in agreement of the disciplinary actions recommended by IA and taken by SRPD Command on sustained complaints, those on the Community Review board may send the issue to the Governor for a final review. IA investigations that involve criminal charges are not subject to review by CRB.

If you're interested in being on the CRB please send an email (notecard) to Sarina Jade (Madison.Munro)

Governor Stone, Mayor Ramirez and Chief Jade may each select one volunteer for the Community Review Board.