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Mayor Press Release: Officer Smith

My Fellow Citizens of Santa Ramona,

Recently a local native of this great city and one of the SRPD’s finest, Officer Torrance Smith was shot and killed in action. I stand with his family deeply impacted by this loss. Now I want to tell you a story that is deeply personal to me.

I was neighbors with the Smith family, and Officer Smith’s brother was one of my very dear friends. He loved Basketball and was an avid supporter of the Los Angeles Clippers. He loved his family and went to College achieving a Bachelors of Forensic Science at the University of California in Davis. Of all of us, Officer Smith was the first to marry, having married his High School Sweetheart immediately following his graduation from SRVHS. With his wife Tanisha, he raised two sons. And now, two young boys are without a father because of someone’s selfish act.

Officer Smith knew the risks, but he was taken too soon at only 29 years of age. He didn’t have to die this way. So now I speak to the person responsible for his death:

I will not rest, and I will not relent until you are brought swiftly to justice. Crime does not have an ally in this city, it will not stand. I will spend sleepless nights, and long hours working with the Santa Ramona Police Department to make sure that all resources available are used to bringing you in. I will make sure that City Hall, the SRPD, and anyone available brings you in. Whatever the cost.

To Tanisha; if there is anything that my wife Sarina or I can do for you. Know that our doors are open. That goes to anyone who has suffered grief, pain, or heartbreak due to loss. The doors of comfort are open to you. Please know that I am working tirelessly to make sure that crime can not rest in this city.

God bless the Smith's and God Bless Santa Ramona