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Letter to the Editor: Coverup?

While some will stop reading this based on who wrote it, at least read a few more sentences before you make that decision.

Roman Ramirez was the subject of a Protection from Stalking order issued by Judge Gil Justice.

Lt. Brentt stated to me he recommended criminal charges against Roman Ramirez, including Bribery and Tampering with Witnesses.

No criminal charges were issued by the Court.

When I filed a Freedom of Information Act request on this information, Judge Justice blocked it relentlessly and refused to discuss the why no criminal charges were filed against Roman Ramirez.

This is just facts. The reader can draw their own conclusions, but I will tell you mine.

Why is the Judge covering up for Roman Ramirez? Is it the close connection between the SRPD, Internal Affairs and the Court? It is well known that Police Chief Sarina Ramirez did everything possible to block public involvement in the Police Complaint Review Process.

What is being covered up? Is the SRPD so corrupt in their ways that their leadership needs to have the Judge hide its misdeeds? Or did Roman Ramirez’s own behavior cause the Chief to see that her husband was going to derail her plans for centering power in the City around her and her family?

Governor Stone should appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate this stench of corruption within the Santa Ramona Police and Justice System.

The people want answers.

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