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March towards the vote: a report from Ramirez Rally

With the elections approaching the candidates are trying to do their best to reach the potential voters to join their side.

The first man to show up with a public rally has been candidate Ramirez, who choose a central public park in front of city all to hold his rally in the familiar atmosphere with desserts and catering offered by Allie Brentt, mother of four and manager at creamy center.

A number of picnic table laid around Ramirez did his best to welcome and greet the people gathering for the event with his wife Sarina Jade Ramirez close by to support quietly trying to not steal the scene from her husband.

Ramirez held a speech to inaugurate officially the campaign, here his words:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I want to first and foremost welcome and thank everyone for coming out tonight, I thank you for your willingness to join me in coming together, so that we can all be on the same page. But first and foremost, I want to give a shoutout to Allie Brentt of Creamy Centers Cafe for catering for us, she brought a lot out to us, and trust me, her sweets are especially good. So let's start things right, can we show this wonderful woman how much we appreciate her in this great city?"

The hosts stopped to clap the woman before to let Ramirez pick back with the speech.

"Allie Brentt, like some of you is a business owner. Small businesses are one of the many things that make this town amazing and great.Now, we're all here because we have a choice to make, a choice for who will guide this city into a vision that each one of us has made. A choice that all of us that sometimes leaves us bewildered. And like many of you, I've sat in those tables. I've listened to many people vying for reelection, for election, or perhaps they're trying to get a bill passed into law. Oftentimes, it can be daunting, and laborous. But my goal here tonight is to help alleviate that stress that comes with an election. I want to use this not to tell you why you should vote for me. But instead, give me the chance to earn your vote. So I would like to take this rally. If any of you has something you're passionate about, or you just want to be heard. I'm opening the floor. Let me come to you. What are some questions we have? What do you want me to know as your potential future Mayor of this amazing town?"

He added some more to heat up the shy crowd.

"I grew up here in Santa Ramona. I surfed its water, walked the beaches, and made many precious memories here. If there is one thing I can always say about me being elected, is that this is the City I grew up in, this is a city I want to see prosper. Small business runs this town, and as such, I believe that we could use Small Business to our advantage. I'm sure if you ask anyone in this crowd, we've been affected by the Earthquake that hit us a few months back. I know I was, but from such a disaster rose a glimmer of hope. We found Old Town, which had been built over.So one of my many plans, I want to use OId Town, and with this city's help. I want to use it to build a tourist industry right here in this town, leading to more job creation, and a stronger infrastructure"

The bystanders where shy at first before to start with questions, some about twitter recent dramas, some about actual platform question. Here are a few of the questions as an highlight. To a woman taking out the issue of a recent restraining order another woman obtained to keep the candidate at distance he answered:

"Ms. ****, I'm actually very happy you bright that up. Because it gives me a chance to clear the air. So, this restraining order you mention. Is actually related to a business owner in the Southside of Santa Ramona. At the time I was a Sergeant in the Santa Ramona Police Department, and I will admit that mistakes were made. Yes, I could have done a little better. Maybe drawing my unloaded service weapon, could have remained in it's holster, but at the time. I was focused on supporting a local business owner, and dispelling a testy situation. Instead, it was taken out of context, and I had been talked to about it. My intentions were to ask about what accessories they might have in their shop, and in the heat of things, they used it as an opportunity to say I pulled my gun. Another incident that happened was when I went to apologize, I offered a baseball card that I thought they could use to help the Southside. I wasn't looking for money, I wasn't looking to sour a relationship. But I was accused of bribery nonetheless. I was off duty and I left after buying an item with that baseball card as I was told they didn't want .The third and final incident happened without me knowing, my former campaign manager had posted one of my campaign flyers on the side of this persons business, as soon as I got a call, I cut ties between me and my Campaign manager and I ducked in to apologize, soon after leaving a restraining order was filed. Not because I am trying to regulate small business, not because I am for or against people, but because I was an Officer of the Law."

Ramirez took the chance to inform officially of a due choice for a candidate.

"So that being said, I have invited Lieutenant Brentt to attend. And as such, I would like for him to come forward. This is my badge, a badge I have worn proudly since I joined the SRPD. And a badge I can no longer wear if I am to continue to serve this city as the Mayor. So Lieutenant Brentt, I would like to present this badge to you, and offer my resignation to the Santa Ramona Police Department effective immediately. Because in order to serve and protect, I need to do it by helping to implement policies that benefit both sides" The woman was present and felt like not totally agreeing with the candidate attempt to clear the waters and quiet down the alleged misunderstanding.

Another woman asked about the actual plans to make tourism prosper and the candidate promptly answered.

"A tourist industry needs a spark. I believe that we can, Santa Ramona has beautiful beaches, a rich history, we could do many things, museums, amusement parks, there is an endless amount of work we could do. Right now my eyes are set on arts festivals, fairs, show the world that Santa Ramona has culture"

A curious man from out of town brought up a question in the attempt to ruin Candidate Rousseau image citing some kind of criminal record in Lousiana, an attempt that candidate Ramirez dismissed quickly and with simple words.

"I am unaware of Mr. Rousseau's past or records, and to be short I don't really want to know, if I can't win this election without throwing daggers at my opponent, then I don't deserve it.However; I do know that there have been criminals in the Mayoral seat before, so there is no law against it. So let me tell all of you this.....It comes down to you in the end. Remember, you elected the person who will be sitting the person in that seat here in the next week or so. All I can encourage any of you to do is vote, and it may not be me, and that's okay"

Among the crowd appeared Joanne Steel, member of the local band 'The Ashes'. She asked the mayor about schemes he had about the art and culture development in town.

"You're the drummer for the Ashes aren't you?Let me start first by saying I am a fan of you and your band. That being said. I want to take inspiration from a town I went to College in, it's known as Norman, Oklahoma. Namely the University of Oklahoma has a lavish area devoted to art, there are statues that surround the campus, even the shopping district that borders it.In it, are musicians, artists, dancers, painters.I want Santa Ramona to have something similar, not just a Museum devoted to Art, not just sculptures, not just a music hall. But I want to have an area of town that not only is devoted to Art Festivals, and events. But an area where Artists of all sorts can express themselves. Freely. If you have a band, perform, if you're a dancer, then dance your heart out, if you paint, paint a strip dedicated to painting or chalk art"

After all the questions were answered and was time to ends the talks and let the people