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Keeping it Reel

"Can I swear? It was fucking strange, like I have no idea of the woman in the glass box or why we were supposed to pander to her, I mean I did for a laugh, there were tranquilized black leopards in there I had to see if they were real."

A source whose identity we cannot reveal for legal reasons and fear of repercussions, spoke to the Chronicles about their night at the Reel restaurant which has been the hot topic for conversation ever since the Reel's party event-allegedly occult themed- wound up with two stabbings and three people in total injured.

".. pretty much the event was upstairs and some of the room was sectioned off so there was kind of just one room with this glass box in the middle." The source disclosed.

Later on they went on to share that in the party bags given to guests, "..In the free stuff was a puzzle, about kissing the midnight queen and then when we went upstairs there she was in a glass cage with two black leopards tranqued up to the eyeballs, probably Cat-amine or something. You had ot pay tribute to her by kissing her feet, well did that then she whispered in my ear a instruction, to make the next girl behind me strip or to do it forcible, she refused, people started jumping in and I split."

This perhaps pinpoints the moment when the party started to get out of control and the violence ensued.

In an open letter, published earlier by the Chronicles, restaurant owner Nadine Prescott claimed that the restaurant had no written clause barring animals from entering the premises and that external staff were hired for the event with her restaurant merely being rented but she then pressed hard on the police for making libelous statements against her and her establishment. Ms Prescott even went on to question the moral ethics of the SRPD and wonder if they are a corrupt establishment. While Santa Ramona Police Department have been continuing work on the investigation, questions yet remain for Ms Prescott to answer, perhaps also for the SRPD.

Who hosted the party at the Reel and was there really an occult theme? With strange symbols appearing lately all over the city that look like that they appear to be evil curse symbols of a Wiccan or Occult nature , it might be that Reel is connected to the strange symbols appearing. The symbols continue to confuse civilians with some claiming they are Satanist.