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FD Chief Release Statement Against Allegations

"It has come to my knowledge that there allegations against me which have been brought up at a time when I'm runnin' for Mayor of Santa Ramona, the incident which these allegations is tied to took place a whole year earlier in the past.

It appears to me that there is a candidate for Mayor who is trying their best to boost themselves through dirty tactics and try to win a campaign without any platform to speak of. They also involving agitators to stir up trouble at other candidates rallies. It looks like they need to rely on damaging their opponents in a poor attempt a getting ahead. Mr Ramirez was subjected to agitation first and then myself, at his own rally by a man who refused to introduce himself and ran off when challenged by myself on his claims.

I am now going to meet with the injured party of the incident and their lawyer and be recorded and interviewed at the SRPD of my own will.

I initiated contact and requested to meet the PD member to clear the air so to speak. I was not contacted by the SRPD beforehand to address these allegations and have not been charged for anything.

I would never be working for a municipal city service which held me to be a criminal or if I held a valid criminal record. That does not happen within Fire Departments and City Services.

As for the allegations against me:

My unemployed and medically uninsured brother Lucas Rousseau was taken seriously ill by cirrhosis of the liver at a time when I was in debt and beginning over in a new city with a family of five including my wife. We had just opened our construction business hopin it to pay off our debts and I also worked as Paramedic at the time. I became acquainted with a Dr Lorenzo Evans through the work I did, bringing patients to hospital at Santa Ramona General, after giving them vital EMS and delivering them to the doctors.

I mentioned my brother's problems. He offered his help "off the books" so to speak, meaning he would only charge me $80,000 for operation on my brother with an offer to use his connections and bring a liver transplant forward ASAP. Anybody who is uninsured know how much health care cost.

I agreed and borrowed the money from my half brother Alcide Rousseau. I will provide here the official and signed document that shows Dr Evans supplied the liver.

He provided the liver and told me to bring it on a date the day after he delivered it to me. I brought it with me and even helped him operate on my brother. The operation was successful. I did not go through the formal and standard procedure in terms of hospital and a waiting list for my deadly ill brother but I did what I could to save his life.

In the meanwhile, a woman named Lilith Novak was taking organs from victims that she abducted and ditched on the beaches of Santa Ramona. It soon became clear to me Doctor Evans was involved and working with this criminal. I felt an' feel remorse because the liver transplant was carried out under false impressions it was all above board but really it was taken out of an innocent person.

I and my wife made it our intention to find out more about Doctor Evans. I had somebody follow him and he was filmed kissing Aria Saragoa, former Mayor, convicted criminal, passionately at a meeting place. He also then sedated---drugging her---- and dragged her off to a dark corner. to do God knows what."

"The person who followed him did apprehend Doctor Evans and fought him successfully, leaving Ms Saragosa to successfully escape when she became conscious.

In a bizarre twist of events, perhaps when Doctor Evans realized Ms Saragosa was useful to him as Mayor and criminal he weeks later, married Aria Saragosa, a known criminal, in a private ceremony in a church. Pictures were taken. He even wore traditional Mexican weddin garb.

I did not manage to get a chance to pursue this matter with Doctor Evans because he soon left, escaping after a series of allegations and misconduct leveled against him, perhaps he was also afraid I would get his license revoked. Either way Doctor Evans is a criminal who consorted with criminals like Aria De Saragosa in order to produce a pill mill industry.

Another allegation I would like to address requires me to provide history of my time spent in Hathian. I and mainly my wife were subjected to a campaign of terror and persecution by an HPD Officer known as Bane Keahi who I exposed as covering up the homicide of an FD paramedic Harrison Rascon by his own hand and whom he claimed committed suicide but actually was found two days dead and in a location that had been moved, exposing Mr Keahi's lies and inconsistent reporting and leaked audio confirming he killed Rascon.

After this exposure, I and my wife were target to severe retribution by the PD. My wife was taken to the interrogation room, drugged and beaten while pregnant, by Mr Keahi. I followed up by having her record of incidents of many incidents of misconduct by Mr Keahi and also reporting him with compiled statements video and photographic evidence of his misdoings to the point where he was disbarred from the PD and had to hand in his weapon. I had reported him to the Chief of Police, the City council woman McGinnis and the Police commander but they did nothing until it was too late and Mr Keahi had to step down and was demoted and his weapon confisticated which if anyone knows the HPD, was a big enough deal in itself, for a precinct that thrived on rewarding cor