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FD Chief Release Statement Against Allegations

"It has come to my knowledge that there allegations against me which have been brought up at a time when I'm runnin' for Mayor of Santa Ramona, the incident which these allegations is tied to took place a whole year earlier in the past.

It appears to me that there is a candidate for Mayor who is trying their best to boost themselves through dirty tactics and try to win a campaign without any platform to speak of. They also involving agitators to stir up trouble at other candidates rallies. It looks like they need to rely on damaging their opponents in a poor attempt a getting ahead. Mr Ramirez was subjected to agitation first and then myself, at his own rally by a man who refused to introduce himself and ran off when challenged by myself on his claims.

I am now going to meet with the injured party of the incident and their lawyer and be recorded and interviewed at the SRPD of my own will.

I initiated contact and requested to meet the PD member to clear the air so to speak. I was not contacted by the SRPD beforehand to address these allegations and have not been charged for anything.

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