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Press Release: Rhydin Street Explosion

Officers and Crime Scene Investigators from SRPD worked with the FD to assist in the recovery evidence and keep people out of the area from the explosion at the Mayors outreach office in Rhydin Street, Southside.

"The place resembles a battlefield, there is great deal of debris everywhere, its going to take some time for the FD to pick through it all, and a large area of it has collapsed and is underwater, and the air is still somewhat toxic poising even more problems for the FD" I was told "I have been over there myself an seen it. I have been in contact with Mayor Brucato who has confirmed that three members of staff to her knowledge were in the building at the time of the explosion, none of which are accounted for yet. She also informed me that there are usually a lot of people milling around and going in and out of the office, so at this point in time the death toll might be higher still." reported Acting Police Chief Brentt

The Police department currently has the entire area cordoned off to prevent people entering the remains of the building and an incident area is set up and are asking the public not to cross their cordon lines.

"The FD has declared the structure is unsafe at present and we don't want any further fatalities or injuries due to people falling through the charred floors or anything. We have officers over there maintaining the cordons. We are at present treating the incident as suspicious and due to the presence of nails, bolts and Napalm which is unlikely to occurred together by accident, it looks likely that we are dealing with a potential act of terrorism here. There is not a whole lot we can do at present however we awaiting the official report and handover of the scene from the Fire Chief before we can begin any investigation in earnest, but as things stand at this moment we are regarding the area as crime scene." said the Acting Chief

When questioned about the sluggish response of his department to this incident Acting Chief Brentt, had this to say. "SRPD always stands ready to protect, serve and assist in at any incident that requires our presence. And its my understanding Off Duty officers were close by and on the scene rapidly, however I have to say, when your dealing with department that is dangerously overworked, exhausted and fatality undermanned, it hardly takes a genius to work out that our response times are going be severely compromised, and in this incident uniformed Officers were in fact on scene as soon as we were able to be and we are still there now dealing with the aftermath and will for the next few days. We are working closely with the FD on scene to get things cleared up and roads open as swiftly as possible"

This incident I am informed, is still under investigation and the information is subject to change. SRPD will release additional details as they become available. And Santa Ramona Police Department are appealing for any witnesses that might of been in the area at the time of the explosion to contact them on their non emergency number. They are especially keen to speak to anyone with information regarding a black van that was parked outside the premises just prior.