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A talk with the candidates: Roman Ramirez

Annie Rose: Most people know you for your job as a policeman in Santa Ramona. What they don't know about Roman Ramirez as a man?

Roman Ramirez: Well, for starters I actually enjoy playing the Piano, my Aunt and Uncle ran Sharkheads Surf Shop for a long time and I know my way around a surfboard.

AR:I wonder about your life before to become an officer and to run for elections, do you mind to tell about your background?

Roman: I grew up in Santa Ramona, and I played Baseball at Santa Ramona High. I left to play Baseball in College and later played in the Texas Rangers Baseball Club. I'm in the Hall of Fame and my Rookie Card is actually on Display at SRVHS. After that I joined the Military and I was a Sniper. That's all I'm allowed to say.

AR:Many voters still care and are interested about religion in political elections. Are you religious?

RR: My wife and I strongly believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and that all things, good or bad in our life have been in Gods hands.

AR: The officer one is though job. Do you think it will give you some sort of skill that could be useful for a Mayor?

RR: I think being a Police Officer has taught me to be compassionate, to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Most importantly it's taught me to listen. I'm not perfect, but I'm consistently making an effort to do better.

It's sure that the Mayor in charge will use this during her campaign, so it's a good idea to get this clear as well.