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A talk with the candidates: Roman Ramirez

Annie Rose: Most people know you for your job as a policeman in Santa Ramona. What they don't know about Roman Ramirez as a man?

Roman Ramirez: Well, for starters I actually enjoy playing the Piano, my Aunt and Uncle ran Sharkheads Surf Shop for a long time and I know my way around a surfboard.

AR:I wonder about your life before to become an officer and to run for elections, do you mind to tell about your background?

Roman: I grew up in Santa Ramona, and I played Baseball at Santa Ramona High. I left to play Baseball in College and later played in the Texas Rangers Baseball Club. I'm in the Hall of Fame and my Rookie Card is actually on Display at SRVHS. After that I joined the Military and I was a Sniper. That's all I'm allowed to say.

AR:Many voters still care and are interested about religion in political elections. Are you religious?

RR: My wife and I strongly believe that Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior, and that all things, good or bad in our life have been in Gods hands.

AR: The officer one is though job. Do you think it will give you some sort of skill that could be useful for a Mayor?

RR: I think being a Police Officer has taught me to be compassionate, to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Most importantly it's taught me to listen. I'm not perfect, but I'm consistently making an effort to do better.

It's sure that the Mayor in charge will use this during her campaign, so it's a good idea to get this clear as well.

AR: You had a confrontation that led to a suspention from your duties with her, and she wasn't tender with you noting you married in uniform during that time. Would you like to explain to the readers about the situation?

RR: So the situation unfolded during a City Council meeting. And I'm not proud of the way I've handled myself, like I said I'm not perfect. But it was insulting to me that the Mayor could sit there munching loudly on Popcorn, and openly promote Police Brutality as an interrogation technique. So yes, I did go off on her. And I paid the price. But you get back up, you shake it off, and you learn from it. That's what I did.

AR: What about your family? You recently married, does she support you in this electoral run?

RR: My wife has had my back since I began to think about this on the drawing board. A successful marriage comes from supporting your spouse and helping them. And I think we both agreed that we want to build a city that is as safe as possible for our children. So yes, she supports me.

AR:Let's talk about your electoral program. What do you want for Santa Ramona and what do you think the city needs?

RR:Tourism. Look at other major cities in California, they have activities. Anaheim has Disneyland. San Diego has SeaWorld and the San Diego Zoo for examples. We in Santa Ramona have the Old Town, local cuisine, and we could start to have festivals! In the City of Norman, Oklahoma they have the Norman Music Festival, Jazz in June, a Medieval Fair, and an Arts Festival Known as the May Fair. Invite local artists to get out, long term we could look at opening a Water Park or a Museum. Tourism will help promote Job Growth, which can lead to a greater revenue to improve our city in all aspects.

AR:As a Mayor you are probably going to have some degree of control on local taxes, what do you intend to do with them? Do we have to expect higher one, lower one, something progressive on the richest?

RR:I want to keep them as low as I possibly can, and fair for everyone. As of right now, tourism is my main focus like I said before, now with that may come an increased sales tax. But I want all of that to go to the City infrastructure and to increase our budgets as I continue to repeat. The Police Department for example, we're consistently asking for more officers. But the budget gets put elsewhere. I want to even things out for all of the Emergency Services, and perhaps even increase budgets. If that includes a small tax increase, then I guess it has to be done. But my view on local taxes is that they need to be as low as possible without causing the housing market to skyrocket and without destroying the infrastructure. We personally work hard for our paychecks, it's not right to increase them without the people having a voice

AR:Mayor Brucato run for the People Party identifying her self more or less as a leftist. What's your political color instead?

RR: I try my best to stay Independent. What I can say is that I am for the American Spirit, every person is able to pursue their passion, their dream. And that's what makes this country so great. If we allow people to follow their passion, great things can happen.

AR:The situation in Southside is always a little worrying. Do you have any plan to help to ease the situation there or have more control on the area?

RR:I think the biggest thing in this situation is open communication, and having resources available to people who live there. We should openly communicate, listen, and help those. Especially the Homeless. As for crime, it depends on the crime. Of course Murder and Robbery will be treated very harshly, but drug abuse, and other situations involving narcotics. That can be fixed if instead of incarceration, we invite the offender to attend rehab. Help better their lives. And I encourage residents of the Southside to apply for the new tourist industry jobs. I think that if we listen to people who live there, we can better understand how we can help them

AR:What local businesses should expect from your management?

RR: As I said, Tourism is important to me. If all plans come through, expect a higher profit in your business, and increased revenue. I want a new Golden Age to come to this great city, and I need your help to do it.

AR:Do you have some words about the other possible candidates here in town?

RR:I look forward to hearing your points. I don't know your backgrounds, I don't know your experience. But I hope that we're all here for the same purpose. To make Santa Ramona the best city in Southern California.

AR:Have you some last word to give to the readers?

RR:This election is going to be important. It doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, or your political ideals. I just encourage you to go out and vote. That's the beauty of this country. You can vote. And I encourage you to do so, and learn something from all candidates, not just me. But know that I'm here to listen to you!

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