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Fatal Fire

At approximately 5PM yesterday a fire broke out outside 31 Rhydin Docks, the Southside premises of Mayor Carly Brucato's City Offices. Locals were quick to contact emergency services, with the Fire Department arriving promptly on the scene, while a police presence was slow to materialize.

"It seems there was Napalm or some such substance used," Fire Chief Dimitri Rousseau states. "We were able ta detect it on a readin' of our vapor meter an' hydro carbon elements that are identifiable in Napalm were picked up. This coupled 'long with the blaze an' it's magnitude--- we can safely assume it was that an' some PCBs."

As worrisome as this was, several people were seen to be weaving in and out of the flames prior to the Fire Department's arrival. "Nails, bolts and glass were all over the road," Rousseau reports, with another witness describing the scorched nature of the victims and toxic smoke that made it unsafe to traverse. Captain Rousseau reports five fatalities at this time, and a female victim struggling to help others out of the fire, now recovering from second-degree burns and cuts in the hospital.

That female victim was Renee Dawn, mother of three and owner of the Magdalena Agency, which operates from a building opposite the docks. "I felt the glass shatter," she states, looking visibly shaken. "When I looked out to see I saw the fire and well... I knew that the group that's always out there had to be out there and I just acted. I didn't think, I just wanted to help."

"When I got closer even one of my neighbors were on fire. I rushed over and I reached the jolly guy first and managed to pull him onto my back and get him over to my business. Then I managed to get back and get that professional looking lady over to him as well."

One of the others who was seen to haul a red-haired woman away from the blaze revea

led himself to be a police officer, but later disappeared. The Fire Department blockaded off the area to keep people out, and promptly set up a triage area to tend to casualties. As for Mayor Brucato's premises, Captain Rousseau states, "Tha warehouse itseff---Ms Brucato's buildin'? Sank inta water, collapsed." Mayor Brucato was not available to comment at the time of printing this article.

It is uncertain who exactly started the blaze or why, though it is speculated an initial explosion in a black van parked outside the premises sparked it. One thing is certain, without the intervention of certain members of the public and a responsible and prompt Fire Department, Santa Ramona would have lost many more. To those who serve the City, thank you.