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The Reel Club - Open Letter from the Owner

As a resident of Santa Ramona, it is both heartbreaking and relieving to know what sort of work our residential police officers do for us. As a firm believer in justice, I have always taken the right path and complied with offers of the law in any way that I could. When the local police department were refused psychiatric care, I went out of my way to offer free psychiatric visits whenever they would deem it necessary. I’ve contributed to charity balls on their behalf, paid for and dated our very own Azariah Brentt, and hosted a most beautiful wedding this past Spring for the Sergeant and Chief Ramirez.

I have come to own and love The Reel Club as my own, caring for it and tending to it day in and out, ensuring that my employees and guests are well treated, well paid, and well cared for. There is nothing that I love more than the enrichment of lives by way of food, entertainment, and beautiful views. Because of this, the Reel Club is often rented for events such as weddings, galas, and private parties. Unfortunately, there were two stabbings at one of these Private Events last week.

While I was not present, I know the inner workings of my restaurant. During any event, we offer our own private staff members as bartenders, coat-checks, hosts, and bouncers. We have CCTV recording both the inside and outside of the restaurant around the clock. For a restaurant, this is all that is necessary for ‘security’ in the state of California. Our contracts allow guests to bring their own staff, foregoing the use of our own internal employees if necessary.

There were also three caged panthers on the scene. California has strict laws on owning exotic animals, and even stricter laws for those who are able to gain a permit for said animals. Never, in the history of any restaurant I have been in, have there ever been threats of exotic animals on premises. Because of this, we had nothing about animals in our Rental Contracts. Since the presence of Animals at last week's event, The Reel Club had been scrubbed overnight, and a new clause regarding the presence of animals has been added to our contracts. No animals have ever been encouraged, nor allowed to be at The Reel Club, save for licensed therapy animals.

Defamation, particularly libel, is a strong offense for any police officer. For Azariah Brentt to publish an article about a case which is still ongoing is a Federal Offense. For Azariah Brentt to publish an article with false statements relating to an ongoing case is a Federal Offense. It pains me to write these words, as I believe Azariah and I had a beautiful date night during the Police Ball, but he has gone too far. I supported the SRPD through the strike, but perhaps Mayor Brucato was right all along: Are our police corrupt?

Nadine Prescott, Psych. MD. The Reel Club Owner

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