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The Reel Police Response

"What I am able to tell your readers at the moment is, on Tuesday May 28th 19, around about 4pm we received two calls regarding the party at the Reel Club, close together, the first one the caller had said people had been stabbed and Dispatch informed us they heard screaming in the background, shortly after this we received another call stating there were off duty police officers with guns out at the location. We dispatched uniformed Officers to the scene immediately and the situation was eventually brought under control. Two person was sent to SRGH one with stab wounds and an off duty Officer who sustained a life threatening neck wound, another officer was injured. Three people were taken into custody. We have subsequently spoken to another stab victim and we pursuing leads stemming from that incident, we are also keen to speak to a couple of other people admitted to SRGH that evening." said Acting Chief Brentt

"Obviously this is serious and ongoing investigation, so I am not willing to give out to much information at this stage and risk jeopardizing any of our enquires, but we are extremely concerned with the lack of due care for the safety and well being for the party guests, the host displayed, and are especially concerned with the presence of dangerous animals on the premises for which the place is not insured.