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Dinner and an Unusual Show

Inside the fine dining establishment known as the Reel Club located out on Old High street, a by-invite only, masked party took place on a Tuesday, on the 28th of May of this week. The restaurant is owned by Nadine Prescott.

With a crime scene tape and a police officer posted up outside of the dining establishment, there are questions as to what may have occurred to incur a police investigation at The Reel.

An inside source spoke exclusively to the Chronicles, revealing details of a strange event which had caged panthers, bags of kinky sex items given to party attenders and tales of a woman being forced to strip while the hostess announced that people pay homage to the Queen of the Night.

"It was clear who was running the circus, but still no idea about their identity." The source revealed, describing their entrance into the party, stating there had been a "..Personal invitation and an ID check.." and that "After that they gave us a bag with a certain amount of things inside, there were basically drapes at the windows and even some draped area too"