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Citizens can now go and take away their own paper copy of the guidelines which give information from relocation 'safe' zones to steps to undertake during and after a natural disaster.

The SRFD Chief spoke to the Chronicles and had this to say,

"I am happy to announce that my work on the contingency plan and logistical data, map and relocation safe zone list is now finished.

These will enable municipal departments on procedure durin' and after a natural disaster while also givin' all departments knowledge of how many vehicles, how much equipment and supplies we have in each department. We have also established safe zones for people to relocate to but as departments we will set up triage, temporary shelter and provide supplies in these zones.

Citizens may go to the Firehouse to pick up their own copy of civilian Safety Guidelines.

They will get thorough advice on where to relocate in different scenarios as well as advice on how best to equip themselves if they able to prepare themselves ahead of time.

I've also included tips on what to do and what not to do or avoid. Citizens should always keep ready in my opinion, packing a light bag with the prerequisite items needed in case of an emergency such as an earthquake or wildfire."

"I am hopin' to start co-ordinatin' some future simulation drills with the SRPD and Hospital and South side Clinic. Civilians can voluntarily participate in as well, in fact we all at the municipal departments hope that they choose to do so, so that as a city we can operate as safely an' smoothly with minimal casualties durin' a disaster. All that is left to do really is to establish a media alerts and warning system with the help of the SRPD. We'll be working on this soon an' hopefully everything will be in place as soon as possible."

The cities last disaster was on the 7th of April of this year when an earthquake of magnitude 5.0 impacted the city. Previously before that, the Dam in the valley has had structural issues and floods had affected the city.

The Chief of the SRFD in collaboration with the Hospital Chief of Staff Dr Stone and Owner of the Reel Nadine Prescott were able to put on an Extreme Cooking Contest event as a fundraiser. The event raised $3000 dollars for the Natural Disaster Emergency Fund for the City and Governor Stone was able to successfully obtain a Federal Grant of $50,000 in May when the SRFD's Chief's proposal for Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery was approved by the City Council.

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