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Motoro Sports Race Track Proposed

FD Chief and City Councilman Dimitri Rousseau saw his proposal for a Race Track for Motor Sports passed with majority approval. A stipulation was made that land should be available for it's establishment but the Chief is hopeful on this issue.

"I have the city's economic development and interests in mind and with this proposal, we will see local businesses benefiting greatly: From mechanics and garages who could outfit and customize and build race cars or motorbikes as well as working in the pit stop, to local restaurants and bars such as El Toro Loco providing food and beverages at the race event and after party. not to mention City Hall will be granting permits and drawing in profit from that.

The After Party hosted on the beach, will involve live musical acts and entertainment, plenty of food and drink. It's possible a racing goods store will open, under private investors who backed the proposal..I am in talks with a member of the City Council for land to be allocated and we hope to see the city enjoy the Race Track in more ways than one---potential future events could include demolition derby, truck and car conventions, Christmas events, concerts and so on."

The Chief added that two private investors were on board and funding the enterprise and that the company he co-owns with his wife Alexia Rousseau, is looking forward to building the track once everything is secured in place.

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