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Slay or Nay: Santa Ramona Carnival Edition!

During my visit, it seemed like some were expecting and dreading my arrival. Hah, can't say that I blame them too much. It comes with the territory! I noticed a couple of people as I stopped in the vendor booth area to grab a candy apple and a funnel cake. After I finished my treats that were totally worth the calories and guilt by the way, I pulled out my cellphone and almost instantly, many of the people I had my eyes on fled. Others dodged me as I made my rounds. Just as I thought the project was bust and I'd have no material to pull this off, I started encountering people who weren't as camera shy! There were so many but I had to narrow it down to those who stood out and caught my eye the most.

Mercedes- Slay or Nay?

I was approached and handed a flier from a beautiful blonde woman with an accent that was just as spicy( can I say that?), chic, and alluring as her outfit. I'm usually not one for sombreros outside of themed parties but I'm loving it on her. The top, skirt, and jewelry choice are all on point for a coastal spring look with an exotic twist! her sun kissed skin tone paired with the blonde wavy hair work great with the color palette she's go going on. And check out that trim and toned core! The verdict? A slay for sure