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Santa Ramona City Council Meeting Agenda 5-9-19

Council Meeting Agenda


1. SRPD City Contract Agreement. 2. City Hall Use Fees.

The Courtroom of Judge Gil T Justice is a added un-funded mandate upon the City. The City should recover the costs of this Courtroom and the Security provided to it. In that, the Mayor's Office proposes appropriate fees/rentals are charged to the State/Federal levels for use of the Courtroom, offices and facilities of the Judge and his staff. 3. Hunting License Proposal - City Manager 4. Economic Development Proposal C2

5. Dam Repair Project.

Being that the Dam is failing to produce enough power for the City, this item is to dedicate funding to repair the dam to ensure a steady supply of electricity to the City. 5,000,000$ from the "C2" project will be earmarked to start the repairs and ongoing funding from said project will fund the project, along with a grant application to both the City and Federal Governments. Contract preference will go to local businesses for this project.