The Santa Ramona Chronicles

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Interview with an Officer

It was a nice day of may when i awaited Officer K. for a genuine interview in the hope to share some light on the recent issues between the PD and the Mayor Office. Officer K. was off duty and in his own right to express sincerely his own ideas the moment we met.

At first he seemed a common man in his youth, casual clothing and shades. You couldn't have told he was a cop except for the slight composed and disciplined language of his body and the confidence in his words.

We went to the seaside hoping a comfortable place regretting to not have some beach clothes to enjoy the nice day and empty shore looking like normal tourists before to finally sit on a jetty nearby to finally record the interview.

Of course Officer K. is a fictional name, a measure felt right given his line of work and the messy situation in the power places of Santa Ramona. He smiled founding it a reminder of man in black. We were finally ready and in front of that beautiful sea my first question was on the way.

Annie Rose -"How do you felt about the long strike and the situation in Santa Ramona? The citizens are divided between openly supporting you and the fear of not having you on the streets. I'm personally happy you came back to patrol but i feel that your actions were justified by the PCB proposal, that seems to be a clear interference of the Mayor in a business she should not be messing with. As far as i know she has to respond to justice like any other citizen like her City Manager and there's quite the conflict of interest in her take."

Officer K. -"Well.." he started to answer, w