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Peace in City Hall?

The following was delivered to the Chronicle via anonymous email account. The Chronicle has no secohdary source to confirm at this time as the reporter with the City Hall connections is unavailable at the moment.

The Mayor’s Office. City of Santa Ramona

Memorandum of Agreement.

May 6, 2019.

City of Santa Ramona and the Santa Ramona Police unit agree on the following:

1. 100,000 increase in training budget to increase the budget for training. Funding provided by the State. Training would be prioritized as follows: a. Training to deal with citizens who have a distrust of Police b. Training to deal with citizens who may be having a mental health crisis c. Training in tactics 2. Additional mental health support through the hospital. 3. Community Review Board consisting of Members appointed by the Governor, the Mayor and the Chief of Police (or said office serving). The review board will receive the report of Internal Affairs and of any action (or no action) recommended. Board may confirm or advise to re-consider said actions. Terms of appointees are subject to the Term of the Mayor. 4. SRPD agrees that ongoing funding needs to be sustainable, not from fund raising. In this, they will assist in gathering Community Support from both citizens and Businesses. 5. SRPD and the Mayor’s Office will cooperate to increase recruitment levels of the SRPD and to cooperate in increasing the percentage of the SRPD that resides in the Southside.

Governor Jay Stone ______________________________________

SRPD Labor Representitive _______________________________

Office of the Mayor ______________________________________

City Council Approval