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Cinco De Mayo

or those who don't know, Cinco de Mayo(5th of may) was another remarkable day for Mexico as other countries have their own. El Toro Loco will be honoring that day, sharing with food, drinks, music and a lot of fun. We will celebrate the Victory in our own way as well, with the special cocktail named Bulls on parade, with the great tequila representing the famous and brave General Zaragoza to the delicious plates El Toro Loco will have for you made by Chef Romeo, the music brought from The Boiler Room and the Menice Beach offering to you the best tanning. Come and join us and if anyone wishes to earn extra cash working at the same time having a great time, come and speak to Hase or Merche. We are hiring several positions, do you know how to serve food or cocktails?, If not we teach you so come and try. Entertaining that will make shake your maracas!!

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