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A Glimpse Behind the Curtain

Paper shredders are a must have for any office but are especially important for those in public office. The following draft was found in a puddle near the dumpster at city hall.

"Office of the Mayor

To: Sarina Jade-Rameriez, SPRD Labor Governor Jay Stone ADA Jordan Russo Chief of Staff E. Stone. Fire Chief Dimitri Rousseau City Manager Frank Castle 5-2-19

Last night the Mayor made the statement that the "Last Best Offer" will be implemented at 1200am on Saturday 5-4-2019.

As this council has seen fit to act unlawfully, it is my duty to consider a few options.

First as to the unlawful actions.

1. Seating the striking Mrs Jade-Rameriez during a Council meeting. As she was on strike at the time, she should not have had a seat at the Council Table. She should have addressed the Council as a member of the public.

2. The presence of the SRPD Strikers in the Chamber. As they were unruly and making comments throughout the meeting, and yet, no action was taken. One suspended officer was in uniform and ordered to go on duty was present also.

3. The decision of the Chief (after announcing the end of said strike), along with the Hospital Chief of Staff to exclude the elected Mayor from any further discussions due to the comment that I do not have the "acumen" to understand such complex issues.

This is my statement that if the Council continues to act in a unlawful manner, excluding half the Council along with the Mayor from discussions with the SRPD, I as Mayor will consider the following.

1. I will, as is within my purview, veto any agreement made with the SRPD without hesitation. 2. I will consider my position as Mayor untenable. As my authority will have been upsurped by the Council, there is no need for myself to occupy the office as a figurehead. 3. As a private citizen, I will file a lawsuit for my violations of Civil Rights, in the case of Sgt Rameriez and the SRPD taking actions that infringe upon my right of Free Speech, and Protection from Abuse. The failure of the SRPD to enforce it's own discipline, along with the so-called referrel to the Internal Affairs Division which resulted in zero contact proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the SPRD intends to act without any regard for law or decency.


The letter was unsigned and potentially just a draft...

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