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The Mayor speaks to the public.

Acumen: keenness and depth of perception, discernment, or discrimination especially in practical matters.

Acumen is a interesting word as defined in the dictionary. It talks about practical matters. Matters that would be clear to the normal person. Matters that require thought... or some sort of superior mind. Or upbringing, or the clothes you wear. Or where you live...

Acumen was mentioned last night in the City Council meeting relating to the SRPD Labor Issues. The Chief of Staff of the Hospital and the Police Chief both decided that unlike them, I do not have the ...mental acumen.. to consider the weighty matters of the police negotiations. That they will talk about it in private with the Governor.

Think about that, Citizens of Santa Ramona. The privileged class of the Northside shows their true colors. When accountability is mentioned for the Police, it's "You don't understand". Sure I do. It&#