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Dear Anne:

Dear Anne, My high school sweetheart recently came back into my life. A whirlwind followed that culminated with him proposing. But now he's gone silent again. He hasn't answered calls or texts. He flew back to the East coast two weeks ago and I haven't heard a peep since then. Am I stupid for holding out hope he'll be back? Should I even let him back in again?

Signed, Glue isn't even dry yet on a broke heart

Dear Glue, While the resurfacing of a new romance brings in a multitude of emotions, both new and old, it can also blind us to the red flags. Take into consideration the way things ended before. If he ended it, are these things he did last time? A person tends to make time for things that are important, if he offers no explanation or other communication I would say he is a lost cause. If this is a common thing, I say run! It isn't healthy to be married to a person who won't communicate.