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Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Agency and City Contingency Grant

Governor Stone has managed to secure a Federal Grant for the

recently proposed Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Agency and City Contingency plan.

Governor Stone was able to establish an area of the city for storing emergency supplies and for the provision of a warehouse for the Agency and it's efforts in the case of a future natural disaster.

Governor Stone stated: "It is my pleasure to announce that SRV Emergency Services, under the request and recent proposal of Fire Chief Dimitri Rousseau, has received a much needed federal grant to be used for emergency preparedness and safety of the entire valley. Congratulations to not only the Chief in his success but also a congratulations to he citizens of Santa Ramona Valley as they are assured safety in the event disaster relief is needed."

The Federal Grant is rumored to be a sum of up to $50,000 dollars for the relief and recovery work post earthquake or wild fire. The Governor and City council will manage and oversee the grant and financial sums.

Chief Dimitri Rousseau of the Santa Ramona Fire Department spoke to the Chronicles concerning the news;

"I received an email from Governor Stone letting me know that the federal grant had been received early las' week. I am very happy to hear we will have the money to buy supplies an' provisions, any necessary equipmen' an also for training.

The Governor made effort to ensure the city gets the funding it needs for this proposal, one of which I'm proud to have passed though City Council for the benefit of the City. "

The Chief also added, "Mayor Brucato will also be happy, per her suggestion, to have jobs going toward South side once the agency set up, we will be looking for people who want to work at keeping stock of inventory in the underground warehouse once it been fixed up. Rousseau's construction is very happy to be the recipient of the tender to restore the underground silo located under Santa Ramona's hillside.

Chief Rousseau also described how a local business has stepped up, "I am pleased to announce El Toro Loco has pledged to contribute food supplies to the emergency stock.

I and my wife will also be pledging tools and equipment for recovery use in the event of a natural disaster on behalf of Rousseau's Construction Company. And of course at the FD, we will stay ready for both relief and recovery efforts.

If any other local businesses are looking to contribute to our cities emergency supplies and provisions in the way of clothing, food and sanitary products, beverages and other items such as blankets, etc, then please contact me at the FD. Thank you."

Work on the underground silo is destined to start this week as the Chief promised as Co-Owner along with his wife Alexia of the construction company and supplies store.