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Reply to the Reply of the Reply

To: Sarina Jade, SRP Labor, Governor Stone City Manager Castle ADA Russo Subject: Reply to the Reply of the Reply

Ms. Jade.

Congrats [sim] on your marriage.

As to your reply to my reply of your reply, I find your statements of "taking things out of context" unacceptable and reject any such insinuation. The quotes that were quotes were complete and in context. It is fully within the rights of the City to ask for written proposals. As the City and the SRPD Labor Union exchanges have shown a vast difference between them, it is only correct to ask for a written response. The City needs to determine costs of any such agreement.

Also, your statement indicates that your Union is threatening "Further Action". Being that nothing that has been said by myself, or my Office is untrue, I can only conclude that you and your organization is threatening some sort of illegal action against our Great City.

That said, being that the SRPD Labor Union has taking a Labor Action of a Strike nature, the Office of the Mayor is now officially informing you and your Union that your membership no longer has the status of "Police Officers" for the duration of this action.

This means, for each of your members:

1. Unless you have a Weapons License issued to Citizens of Santa Ramona, it is not lawful for you to carry any weapon that requires licensing. Any license issued as a Officer is no longer valid and cannot be transferred as a Citizen license. 2. As a citizen of the Santa Ramona, you are not permitted into any areas of City Hall that are not open to the public. This includes the SRPD offices and facilities. 3. City Payroll has been instructed to issue pay checks up to the day of the strike. 4. City benefits that you may have been entitled to have been concluded.

I have requested that the Governor convene a Emergency Executive Meeting of the Santa Ramona City Council to discuss this issue. I have requested that he schedule said meeting for 5pm Wednesday. Until this meeting takes place, it would be difficult for the City to discuss any terms as this meeting is to discuss the parameters of any contract costs that would be acceptable to the City.

As such, it is my request that as you are no longer on the job with the SRPD, that you do not attend said meeting. Your presence would be a Conflict of Interest as you would be sitting in on discussions that would include strategies and tactics the City would make and use in SRPD Contract discussions.

Once this meeting has occurred, my Office is willing to meet with your Labor Negotiation Team the following day, at 5pm Thursday.

Carly Brucato-Angel Mayor of the Great City of Santa Ramona