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Reponse to Notice of Unfair Labor Practices

Office of the Mayor

To: Sarina Jade, SPRD Labor Union, et al. Governor Jay Stone ADA Jordan Russo City Manager Frank Castle Santa Ramona Chronicle Re: Labor Practice Grievence [sic]

Ms. Jade,

My office has reviewed your correspondence. As noted by your press release to the press, my office feels it serves the public interest that our reply also be transparent and given to the public.

Your allegations are patently false. Again, as your notice has proven, it is *not* the city that has failed to bargain, but the SRPD Labor Union.

Let me cite some examples:

"4/15/19- SRPD officially contacted the mayor's office, requesting contract negotiations for our stated proposals. "

Your notice stated that unless the City met your terms...

"If these demands are not met by 5:00 p.m. on April 17, 2019, we, the officers of SRPD will vote to strike."

This is not a request to bargain. It is a threat.

"4/18/19- Lt. Azariah Brentt and Chief Sarina Jade showed up to contract negotiations with Governor Stone and Mayor Brucato-Angel. Mayor added additional contract negotiator Frank Castle, which disproportionately favored the City in negotiations. "

Frank Castle is the City Manager, so it is his job to favor the City.

"Specifically, the proposal by the mayor would take all management rights, except hiring personnel, away from SRPD command staff and give it to the Police Control Board. It would also adjudicate all mental health issues and decide who would be allowed additional treatment. This is a clear violation of HIPPA laws and the rights of the SRPD officers to receive mental health services without excessive oversight."

The Constitution of Californor [sic], nor of the United States provides for a "right" to receive mental health services at the employer's cost with no oversight.

"During meeting, SRPD attempted to discuss the proposals brought by the mayor. Questions about legality and requests for clarification were dismissed by mayor and city manager. Then, Mayor stated and reiterated upon clarifying questioning by Chief Sarina Jade, that she would not negotiate with the SRPD, at all, until it agreed to the PCB proposal in full, with no changes. At this point, SRPD believed the City of SRV acted in bad faith and left the meeting. "

The City continues to await a counter-proposal from the SRPD Labor Union showing that they have moved off their stand of "No Accountibility". [sic]

"4/13/19 - Lt. Azariah Brentt informed Mayor that Sgt. Ramirez was suspended without pay for one month and ordered to attend counseling. "

Again, as has been stated multiple times, not only is the fact that this discipline action occurred under a blatent [sic]conflict of interest, it shows that the SRPD is determined to be accountable to itself and not to the public. No public record of the investigation occurred, nor was their input of anyone outside of the SRPD.

"4/23/19 - Mayor sends email stating, " if no resolution or movement on this key issue occurs, the City will have no course of action open except to declare an Impasse has occurred in these negotiations and unilaterally implement the terms of our last offer." This is a clear threat and use of intimidation too force the SRPD to agree to terms the mayor refuses to negotiate. "

The SRPD has not given a counter proposal to the City's offer. Nor, as is listed later in your notice has the SRPD even considered bargaining in good faith.

Let me cite the following from your notice:

"The SRPD is requesting the following additions to our contract: 1. 100,000 increase in training budget.

2. Additional mental health support through the hospital that would create a hotline and a list of on call mental health professionals that would schedule appointments within 12-24 hours or a paid counselor on staff at SRPD.

3. Removal of Mayor Brucato-Angel and all of her appointee's from all further contract negotiations or oversight of the PD. "

Items 1 and 2 continue to be the same as in the original strike threat. At no point has the SRPD Labor Union considered a compromise that provides benefits to both the City and the SRPD. The lack of bargaining is obvious. This is the definition of a *Union* Unfair Labor Practice.

In addition, it is preposterous that the Union request that the representives[sin] of the City be removed. The contract is with the City, not that State. That would be equal to the City requesting the SRPD be removed from contract talks with the City in a contract with the SRPD.

We await your reply still and My Office will be available to meet this week.

Carly Brucato-Angel Mayor of the Great City of Santa Ramona