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Press Release: The Timing of the Strike

It has been suggested to us that this strike that we are now engaged in, is nothing but an act of retaliation in response to the threats made against several of our Officers and the abominable extension of those threats to include our children. That the decision to walk out was made out of fear, or anger but, we ask you all to consider this; do frightened and intimidated men and women, set themselves aside from the one institution that can offer them protection and security, remove themselves from the protection of Police Station? No. We are not afraid, we are not intimidated and we do not engage in childish games of retaliation.

The decision to strike when we did, was a hard made one. The act detailed above did one thing and that was convince us that the time to make a stand had arrived. Rather than an act of fear or vengeance as some have suggested. This is an act of duty, from the men and woman of SRPD, who have sworn oaths to protect and serve this city of Santa Ramona, oaths, that every one of us might one day have to give our lives to uphold.

We strike to protect this city from a mayor that proposes unlawful and immoral methods of control over us that if allowed to stand will prevent officers from doing their sworn duty to this city. The Police Department welcomes thoughtful, reasonable oversight, which it already has in place, but we will not allow the mayor to put into effect a system that could be abused. In the wrong hands, the Police Control Board could be used to weed the Police Department of all the good, honest cops, leaving only those who will turn a blind eye to whatever the Mayor or City manager wants them to ignore. Notice that this proposal does not tell how the PCB will be held accountable to the city.

We strike to protect the basic human rights of our Officers and their right to live where they choose, to access mental health provisions without having to justify that need to a panel of appointees of the Mayors Office, that would give the said Office more power and authority within the city than the Governor, judges, prosecutors and juries.

We strike because the SRPD asked for only two things: An increase in our training budget and a modification to our mental health services. Look at the mayor's proposals and see that neither of these were even addressed. We attempted negotiation and the mayor's office instead tried to strong arm us.

At this time SRPD stands united in its outrage at the intolerable, adverse and utterly dangerous conditions in which it is being expected to work. It stands appalled at the way the Mayors Office has come to the negotiating table without any intention of addressing the needs of SRPD staff or negotiating with us in any good show of faith. It stands incensed that the Mayors office has and continues to use rhetoric about SRPD's discipline and over site procedures, in its addresses to the public that are untrue, hateful and outright dangerous.

Sometimes to protect those we love, we must stand and say Enough is Enough. That is why the Santa Ramona Police Department went on strike. We love this great city and we stand now, on that thin blue line to protect you, the great citizens of this city, from tyranny and unchecked power.

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