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Accountability. Oversight. Trust.

Three words that appear to be the equal of "Voldermort" here in Santa Ramona.

The SRPD has taken the action of going on strike as its demands were not met by the City. Demands that the SRPD Labor Union made and refuses to negotiate.

While, the press has attacked myself and my stand, I will continue to stand for Police Accountability.

Let me ask you, the citizen of the Great City of Santa Ramona... if you had a issue with a inappropiate action of the Police, what would you do? Under Chief Jade and Lt Azariah.. nothing. That is because you have no option. They are the investigators. They are the jury. They are the judge.

If your neighbor broke into your house and beat you with a bat, they would end up arrested and in court. You would get your say. If a SRPD officer stormed into a business and waved a gun and made threats... you would... get a apology. And a generic statement of "We have disciplined the officer". Your word, your desire for justice...or to confront those who took action against you... are irrelevent. Only what the Chief decides. If she is engaged to the culprit? Well then her minion can handle the discipline. As far as you? Well you have no say. You...the citizens of Santa Ramona.

What is justice? What is right? Some may complain about the selection of Frank Castle as City Manager. And they may have a point. However, Mr Castle has the experience, as a former Mayor of this City. He runs a large foundation. Is he always in the right? No, he is not. But...none of us are. I choose the most qualified applicant for the job.

Right and wrong. That's what it all comes down to. The SRPD has resisted any request I have made as Mayor. My election ended the threat of the Black Thorn to public safety. I have supported increased direct action of the SRPD to thwart crime in our Great City. Yet, I have attempted to do it within the contraints of the revenue of the City, without a undue burden to increase the taxes of the people.

The leadership of the SRPD Union does not care about the taxes those on fixed incomes pay. Nor the policies of our City to help the people. The SRPD Labor Union replied that the City has reserves that could be spent to give them the specialized and private medical coverage they demand. When the City replied that those reserves were for playgrounds, homeless shelters and senior citizens centers, the reply of the SRPD was... "Unfair!".

The SRPD wants respect, but they do not give it. Enough said.

The City continues to await the response to the Contract proposals made in the last meeting.

Carly Brucato-Angel Mayor of the Great City of Santa Ramona