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A Mayor Alliance

When Mayor Carly Brucato was just a simple candidate running for elections one of her key point was a struggle against what she called 'illegal business'. It's not a secret one of the biggest feud about that was with ex Mayor Frank Castle and she pushed many times the SRPD to take action against his Casino and family.

In the early days after her election it was not uncommon to hear the Mayor harsh remarks on Castle's family, while Frank Castle was often heard making vulgar comments about the morality of Miss Brucato that might have appeared misogynistic to many.

A little protest against the police and the Mayor itself was promoted by the Castle family outside the city hall, without much participation except for a few people around but some remembers how Castle vehemently declared how the Mayor should have hired him as a City manager. It looked like a simple provocation but fast forward a few weeks and now we have Frank Castle as a City Manager.

What happened meanwhile? As the SRPD well knows Mayor Brucato is a vindictive woman that has an hard time to forget wrong doings about her, but in the end she hired a man who was implying often she was an unfit loose woman (a prostitute to tell the truth) unable to take control of the city. And it was quite apparent in every meeting they had how angered the ex Mayor was.

And she did not put him in a lesser position at all. It's enough to say that smart readers can understand how powerful can be a man with a direct control on the city budget and the latest PCB proposal to control the police seems to point that Mayor Brucato is ready to give Castle ample power on the city matters . Looking at how she wants to form the Police Control Board we can read that is formed by "Mayor, City Manager, Governor, Citizen Selected by the other 3 Members" where "Mayor, City Manager and Governor have 2 votes each with the Citizen member 1 vote". With the Governor left there to make people feel like this is a collegiate institution, it appears clear that the Mayor have almost absolute power on it like a modern monarch.

She hires the City Manager, and together they have an advantage in the choice for the last three members, easily securing 7 votes out of nine. Smart move for Castle himself with the chance to have 5 votes against 9 if he's able to push to have 3 of his by his side as nominated citizens which is not bad for a man who's not elected but just hired. "The City Manager will act as the Investigatory Officer and is empowered to investigate any complaints made in any form they choose" which gives the Ex Mayor quite a chance to retaliate against the SRPD for past wrong doings.

The reasons why Mayor Brucato has changed her idea about Frank Castle could be many. The most apparent ones is simple. Frank Castle has sure still quite an appeal amongst his ex voters and clients he has as a prominent businessman in Santa Ramona, and his recruitment happened during the stall between SRPD and the Mayor which could have been a factor in the decision.

Money is another big point with the Castle foundation around to fund-raise a possible attempt at a second stint during the next elections: a second mandate for Miss Brucato could imply a long and successful career for Castle as well. Or she could have felt in bad waters after her first weeks when she had to understand a Mayor life is not a joke.

Sure this tells a lot about Miss Brucato herself and in front of many this could weaken her image as the champion of the poor helpless people and fierce enemy of crime with the hiring of Castle implying she was just lying to her electorate about his business being founded on crime or that she is simply fine with that as long as things cannot be proved.

What is sure is that together they are forming an alliance to try to get absolute control over the most of city matters with a dangerous attempt to deprive the SRPD the chance to be a power big enough to interfere in the process.

The writer believe this is dangerous. Recently the ex Mayor responded to a protester with insults that ended up in a fight where she came off the worse. A sure agitated woman about one third the size of the man ended hospitalized with wounds that needed three days to heal and was threatened to be shot next time by him. One that is not new to be pretty inclined to shoot since that happened before. Castle was walking safe and sound the evening after giving an hint about how disproportionate his reaction has been.

How could happen to the safety of Santa Ramona if a violent man with an easy trigger end up with such a control on the policemen that could have to watch him? If the PCB comes to reality the people that would be part of that will become untouchables.

Meanwhile in this surreal atmosphere the clash between the couple and SRPD escalates while pigs corpses have been left with officer's name carved on the skin to threaten the SRPD, leaving to the confused citizens the horrible suspicion it could be linked with the ongoing feud while the fear of a strike worries the business owners in Santa Ramona marking the worse moment of Brucato command at the city hall.

It seems clear that the Office requests on the local Police can't make the National authorities happy and the PCB looks like an impossible bet to sustain for this awkward "Mayors Alliance" unless they want to take their risk to go under commission by California State, but it's a good hint at how the Office intends to manage the city, pointing at an authoritative style instead of one based on communication with the other parties involved in the city administration, trying to permeate every aspect of city life by their presence even with the risk to be perceived as anti-democratic without caring much about possible escalations and the rules that common sense or law suggests to follow.

Times will tell, meanwhile dangerous times awaits Santa Ramona.