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Unfair Labor Practice Grievance-Newspaper

To: California State Labor Board Attention: Governor Jay Stone

1. The Petitioner alleges that the following circumstances exist and requests the the California Labor Relations Board proceed pursuant to the Statues and its Administrative Rules, to determine whether there has been any violation and if so to provide a remedy. .

2: Complainant: Santa Ramona Police Department Union Representatives: Sarina Jade, Chief of Police; Azariah Brentt, Lieutenant

3: Respondent: Miss Brucato-Angel, Mayor Santa Ramona Valley

4. Allegations:

The Complainant alleges that the above-named respondent has engaged in or is engaging in unfair labor practice or practices within the meaning of the California Statutes.

A. ...refuses to bargain collectively in good faith with the union representative of it's employees.

B. ...Retaliated against the SRPD for taking action not recommended by the mayor in relation to a discipline issue of an SRPD Sargent.

C. ...created a hostile, unsafe, and adverse working environment.

5. Statements and Facts:

A. ...refuses to bargain collectively in good faith with the union representative of it's employees.

3/22/19- Mayor asked Santa Ramona Police Department to submit proposals for departmental needs for SRPD budget

3/27/19-SRPD received reply by mayor to our proposed budget requests. Funding for training and mental health services were denied.

4/15/19- SRPD officially contacted the mayor's office, requesting contract negotiations for our stated proposals.

4/18/19- Lt. Azariah Brentt and Chief Sarina Jade showed up to contract negotiations with Governor Stone and Mayor Brucato-Angel. Mayor added additional contract negotiator Frank Castle, which disproportionately favored the City in negotiations.

During meeting, Mayor handed out written proposals, some of which the SRPD believed to be illegal and an attempt to prevent the union from asserting its rights and responsibilities. (Mayor proposals attached)

Specifically, the proposal by the mayor would take all management rights, except hiring personnel, away from SRPD command staff and give it to the Police Control Board. It would also adjudicate all mental health issues and decide who would be allowed additional treatment. This is a clear violation of HIPPA laws and the rights of the SRPD officers to receive mental health services without excessive oversight.

The PCB would consist of the mayor, the city manager which is appointed by the mayor, the governor, and three members, each of which would be appointed by the above mentioned members. The board would not be impartial and would have greater management rights than provided in our current contract.

During meeting, SRPD attempted to discuss the proposals brought by the mayor. Questions about legality and requests for clarification were dismissed by mayor and city manager. Then, Mayor stated and reiterated upon clarifying questioning by Chief Sarina Jade, that she would not negotiate with the SRPD, at all, until it agreed to the PCB proposal in full, with no changes. At this point, SRPD believed the City of SRV acted in bad faith and left the meeting.

4/21/19- SRPD sent out another request to Mayor to resume contract negotiations, stating that if they did not resume by 4/25/19 an Unfair Labor Practice Grievance would be filed.

4/22/19 - Mayor responds to contract negotiations, stating she can not meet until next week and if we refuse to accept her PCB then she will declare an impasse and unilaterally implement the terms of her proposal, all without actually negotiating with the SRPD.

4/25/19 - SRPD files unfair labor practice grievance with state.

B. ...Retaliated against the SRPD for taking action not recommended by the mayor in relation to a discipline issue of an SRPD Sargent.

4/13/19- Mayor sends complaint to SRPD command staff recommending Sgt. Ramirez be demoted to patrol officer, which is two full ranks below his current rank, and suspended from SRPD for voicing his point of view and making derogatory remarks while on duty and in uniform.

4/13/19 - Lt. Azariah Brentt informed Mayor that Sgt. Ramirez was suspended without pay for one month and ordered to attend counseling.

4/15/19 - Mayor calls press conference and makes incendiary and derogatory comments against the SRPD. She gives false information about the disciplinary process for SRPD and declares that the SRPD is policing its own without any oversight or transparency.

4/18/19 - Mayor submits proposal for Police Control Board removing all management rights of SRPD Command, except for hiring of SRPD personnel, and granting control of all other matters to PCB.

4/23/19 - Mayor sends email stating, " if no resolution or movement on this key issue occurs, the City will have no course of action open except to declare an Impasse has occurred in these negotiations and unilaterally implement the terms of our last offer." This is a clear threat and use of intimidation too force the SRPD to agree to terms the mayor refuses to negotiate.

C. ...created a hostile, unsafe, and adverse working environment.

Mayor Brucato-Angel has repeatedly used twitter and the newspaper to spread falsehoods and half truths in an effort to undermine negotiations with SRPD. In addition to this, she has given unlawful orders to officers or made requests that create a hostile and adverse working environment.

Incident 1- She requested that we raid the lawful businesses of Castle Casino owned by Frank Castle and the now closed Black Thorn club owned by Jordan Russo, based solely on her beliefs they were illegal.

Incident 2: She suggested that the SRPD rough up suspects and play dirty with the criminals so that we can show the criminals who runs the city.

Incident 3- She ordered an officer to shoot an unarmed man for simply talking to her and asking her questions.