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City Counter Proposal.

1. Police Control Board. 2. 1% Raise.

3. Engage local businesses to provide more support (vehicles, equipment). 4. Additional Medical support as approved case by case by the PCB. 5. Sustainability. The City cannot rely on fundraisers for General Operations. All General Operations funding must be from relible sources. 6. 50% of the SRPD must reside in the Southside. In this way they will have a incentive to protect the Southside. 7. Police to participate in recruitment efforts as directed by the Mayor's Office.

Police Control Board


Mayor, City Manager, Governor, Citizen Selected by the other 3 Members.

For voting purposes, Mayor, City Manager and Governor have 2 votes each with the Citizen member 1 vote.

The Mayor is the Chairperson of the PCB.


The Police Control Board serves as the civilian head of the Santa Ramona Police Department, functioning like a corporate board of directors, setting policies for the department and overseeing its operations.


1. Any complaints against a member of the SRPD will be referred to the PCB for investigation. - The Chief may make a recommendation for or against and the type of disciplinary actions. The PCB can consider or reject this recommendation and make it's own ruling. - The City Manager will act as the Investigatory Officer and is empowered to investigate any complaints made in any form they choose. The City Manager will also decide whether to bring the case to the full board.

2. The SRPD Command Staff will report to the PCB. 3. The PCB Chairperson has authority over civilian job appointements to the SRPD. The Chief retains authority to hire uniformed personal. 4. Weapon discharge incidents must be reported to the PCB. 5. Any referrals for additional specialized treatement must be cleared by the PCB, with the Chairperson able to approve on a contigency basis, subject to Board Review. 6. All review/oversight powers not listed above fall to the jurisdiction of the PCB.

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