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Proposals Passed

A City Hall council meeting that took place Friday the 12th of April saw the approval and passing of two proposals.

The first proposal put forward to the council and citizens by Chief Jade of the Santa Ramona Police Department was a scheme to introduce bounty hunters in a scheme to help Police bring vigilantes and criminals wanted by the law into custody.

Chief Jade spoke about the scheme;

"I'm looking forward to seeing if this bounty hunter group will help Santa Ramona deal with some of the issues we have with crime. If we don't see any advantages to it within a few months, then we can evaluate but I think the citizens deserve to see criminals brought to justice. Bounty Hunters will be in a better position to find the criminals where they are hiding and bring them to justice. Hopefully, this will give victims a greater sense of justice than we have now."

The Chief received a unanimous vote of approval and it appears the scheme was supported by the council members but reportedly the Mayor was not as enthusiastic initially.

The second proposal also approved and passed by Governor Stone and members of the City Council and citizens alike was one pitched by FD Chief Dimitri Rousseau who proposed creating and building a Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Agency and establishing a contingency plan for the city.

Chief Dimitri Rousseau spoke about his proposal to the Chronicles.

"The NDRAR [Natural Disaster Relief And Recovery] Agency has been approved by Governor Stone and the council, as well as the citizens. Recent disasters such as the earthquake an' Dam flooding mean that citizens need assurance the city can cope in times of catastrophe. Here at the FD it our job to look out and provide safety for the citizens. In establishin' this agency with a HQ in South side of the city an' a warehouse for emergency supplies an' equipment, we are honorin a wish by Mayor Brucato who requested this agency an' warehouse be established in the more economically deprived area of the city---an' we at FD agree with this move as do Chief Stone of Santa Ramona hospital, seein as it will bring jobs an' be great help to the community there."

The Chief of the FD went onto say that the agency will likely be made up of Municipal department leads to oversee it and a Federal Grant may be obtained by the Governor, which would thereby mean potentially plenty of financing for the establishment and training of such an Agency and it's staff.

"This will be a locally run agency an' we will expect to run a simulation of the contingency plan in future---so civilians will be much better prepared and assured of the action they need to take in a disaster as well as our FD an' PD being organized to maximum efficiency and capability." The Chief added.

"We hope to see the grant money comin' in under Governor Stone an' are thankful for his direct involvement in this scheme." The Chief went on to say.

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