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Letter to the Editor

Today I read the newspapers and I found myself wondering about where the border between tragedy and comedy stands.

I’ll start from afar to explain why i’m not sympathetic towards Mayor Carly Brucato and the reasons why I don’t find her fit to represent Santa Ramona or for that matter whatever kind of public institution she stood for potential office in.

I’m Italian and currently living in Santa Ramona with a student visa, and the city itself was has been welcoming to me pretty well, l feel like I am in a place where i’m becoming able to fulfill my aspirations and experiencing a full and happy life. For this reason I was more interested than some in the first local election that happened since the day of my arrival in town. I was curious about the difference between America and the sometimes messy Italian election situation.

At first I felt interested in those socialists-like posters representing the people party, we European are welfare lovers and I thought it was fairly nice if a people party could have won the elections.

So I awaited to hear some speech or to listen her words out of a gazebo or in some public meeting, but the moment to address the voters seemed never to come.

I though it was just me not being lucky but then I asked other citizens, businesses and public operators; no one heard about her. In a local election where usually every voters know almost personally all the candidates she was as far as away from her voters as the U.S. President. I tried to be positive and open, and I was glad to finally be able to assist at the public debate inside City Hall. It was there that I realized what Carly Brucato was. She was having a debate while sucking a lollipop in front of a number of potential voters. Her debating strategy was quite simply immature, and from what I remember was all about throwing insults at Jordan Russo, the other candidate.

There was not a single word about plans and a lot about calling some tax paying businesses illegitimate following her own criteria.

I will not defend or clear the name of the venues Carly Brucato was calling ‘illegal’, but still it hinted at the reasoning flaws of a woman that was clearly never educated about politics and powers. It was after that debate she unexpectedly won and I thought she’d change and try to work as a mayor at her best. One can always learn and change in life, right?