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Earthquake Punctuates Extreme Cook Off Results

The Extreme Cook Off Contest and fund raiser held on Sunday 7th April at 2pm took p

lace on Old High street, in the public space between Santa Ramona Hospital, the Fire Department and Police precinct. Turn out was high and the various booths representing different restaurants and businesses or departments served delicious dishes as well as providing games. Altogether $3000 was raised for the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery fund. The Winner of the Extreme Cook Off Contest for first place was the Fire Department. Chief Dimitri Rousseau spoke about the win to Santa Ramona Chronicles; "We couldn't have won without our FD chef Serina Del Nero. I hired her in hopes of her makin' her mark on the cuisine at FD an she has done that very well, winnin' us first prize at this contest, the fund raiser fa Natural Disaster Relief an Recovery funds. Serina deserves this victory an' she also put on a great show with the band she's with, Ashes--playin together with Asher, Joanne an Joesph, to doubly contribute to this event. I thank them all too an' Asher's Music store."

Winner Serina Del Nero described her triumph; "I was feeling like this was the best day of my life. The band first and then the contest. I was not really competing with the others since i have a mad respect for people doing my same job and was very focused on let Americans know Italians genuine tastes, and to be honest at first i thought something truly italian could have been too much here, but when i won i felt really satisfied. I'd like to convert the catering contract with something useful for people in need since my loyalty goes to the FD and i can't even work something that big on a student visa."

Second and third place winners were restaurants El Toro and third place The Reel respectively.

The Reel's Owner, Nadine, also stated: "The Inaugural Street Fair Cook Off was a wonderful showing of what amazing talent and skill the citizens of Santa Ramona have to offer. While all entries were delicious in their own right, Serina Del Nero did a wonderful job representing the SRV Fire Department. If she ever wants a place at The Reel Club, she would be welcomed with open arms. Un. Until then, we are happy with the turnout and hope to fund another city event soon."

Chief of Staff Doctor Evelyna Stone, one of the key organizers commented: "The community came out in droves to support our city at the Extreme Cook Off Street Fair! We were able to raise over $3,000 and bring the people of Santa Ramona Valley for food, fun and music. It was just in time to help with the efforts that will be needed to recover from the earthquake that hit moments after the fair ended. Stay tuned, we'll be having another street fair in early May with a talent theme! See you there!"

The earthquake struck in the late evening after the Contest and fund raiser had ended fortunately. Several casualties were however reported and the FD were dispatched to provide EMS, rescued trapped civilians and fight a fire that broke out in Titos on Mission Boulevard after a gas leak caused the restaurant to explode.

The earthquake was registered as 5.0. Chief of FD Dimitri Rousseau stated,

"The coincidental timing of such a natural disaster really only spurs on credence ta the essential need fa such fund raisin causes as the one we had fa Natural Disaster Relief an Recovery efforts." He also mentioned he had addressed the Mayor about potential of establishing an agency for natural disasters and at the least, a contingency plan for the city. "She were very positive about it an' she made a few good suggestions herself." He told the Chronicles.

Since Sunday's events, the city has been getting back on track with gas and electricity restored to the city.