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Amnesty Offered

Life gets busy and things get forgotten, however forgetting your duties as a citizen should not be missed. Part of being a citizen in our community is paying your citations, serving your time/fine/requirements in your court cases and showing up to court when you have been summoned. Failing to do so can result in more fines and even jail time.

The Santa Ramona Police Department and Courthouse would like to offer those that have fallen behind a one time shot to get things taken care of. You will not be penalized and will have a week to finish the requirements, pay your fines, turn yourself in, etc and clear up what you have forgotten.

This amnesty runs out at noon at 4/10/2019 and may never present itself again. If you have not satisfied the requirements of your citations or warrants by that time, you can and likely will, be arrested.

KELDA LOU (tequilast