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Mayor asked for Proposals, PD Provided

The Mayor requested that all city departments and concerned citizen give her detailed proposals of initiatives they would like to see. The Santa Ramona Chronicle got their hands on a copy of what the police department sent to the Mayor. It follows in it's entirety here.

i) Mental Health Support ------------------------------ SUPPORTING INFORMATION ***********************

Background to proposal: A Police Federation survey of 17,000 officers in 2016 showed an alarming set of statistics around mental health of officers, with 39% seeking help with mental health issues. More than a quarter of officers who have taken sick leave attributed it to stress, depression or anxiety, while 65% said they still went to work even though they felt they should’t have because of the state of their mental wellbeing.

Eight of out 10 police officers suffer with symptoms of depression and anxiety due to being overworked, stress, and constant fear for their lives, these officers are at much greater risk of alcohol relate issues almost 25% of LEO(Law Enforcement Officers) are at risk of becoming alcohol dependent.

75% of LEO marriages and significant partnerships end in divorce and separation.

More LEO's die every year via suicide than are killed in the course of their duties.

Many LEO's suffer from PTSD due to regular exposure to: pain, death, human & animal cruelty and/or the living in constant fear for their lives.

WHAT WE NEED *************

Proposal from SRPD- With the above information in mind and with the understanding that SRV as the atypical ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________ town in terms of Police provision, public support and recruitment, is in no way exempt from the above ______________________________________________________________________________________________________ statistics, we need the funding for and assistance in recruiting a dedicated Physiotherapist/Counselor. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Key features:

* Physiotherapist/Counselor needs to have training and experience working with LEO's and firm understanding of their needs.

* Need to dedicate themselves solely to the mental health needs of the PD. To this ends, they would be required to carry out Psychological evaluations for ALL new recruits within 3 months of their employment with SRPD, they would be required to carry out Psychological evaluations in the event of an OIS(Officer involved shooting) and provide an assessment for IA(Internal Affairs) as to the Officers fitness to return to full duties, they would be required to be available on a drop in/appointment basis for LEO's who have issues they feel the need to work through.

* A Physiotherapist/Counselor who is also working with criminals/members of general public is NOT suitable as this puts extra stress both on the Officer who is needing their support and on the Physiotherapist/Counselor.

* The Physiotherapist/Counselor would not work out of SRGH or SSC as Officers are less likely to visit them when needed if they have to be seen entering medical facilities for mental health issues. The funding and re-allocation of an office within City Hall, with suitable access and privacy needs to be supplied.



SUPPORTING INFORMATION ***********************

Background to proposal: Every 2-3 months SRPD runs a campaign for example in January we ran a gun amnesty to encourage people to hand in/give up their 'illegal, unregistered, unlicensed guns'.The vast majority of gun crimes committed within SRV are being committed by persons who have no lawful right to posses a firearm(ie those under 21 or felons) or by individuals with illegal unregistered guns. The campaign was moderate success and we got 'some' of these guns off the streets.

What we lacked and we believe that it had a negative, detrimental effect on the success of the above campaign was 'visible Official support' in fact the case of the above example we had the Mayor actively working against the campaign. Its an intolerable situation that only makes our jobs more difficult.

The next campaign apr/may/jun is to be a 'Drug awareness program' with the aim of informing as many people as possible the laws about the usage of Marijuana and the legal consequences of being possession of and supplying other drugs.

WHAT WE NEED *************

Proposal from SRPD- Visible support from the Mayor's office for our campaign. Funding towards the ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ expenses that at the moment come out of our rapidly depleting Special Operations Budget. Assistance in __________________________________________________________________________________________________________ reaching as many people as possible with the information, possibly an awareness day or flier drop. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Key features:

* The Mayor to be seen visibly supporting our campaign. Whether that is via press conferences, turning up for an awareness day, or assisting in flier drops.

* It costs the PD 22.5c per poster produced, that is with 10% discount for being an LE agency. Average run is batches of 40 in case of posters and 300-400 in case of fliers. That is almost $100 just for the printing alone, and that is not even enough for 1 flier for every house in the city.

* It takes PD time to place the posters for these up around the city. And even more time to drop fliers through doors. The employment of an individual to assist with this would be helpful. We unfortunately do not have scope within our budget to do this so at present SRPD Officers are wasting time they could be on the streets putting up posters.



SUPPORTING INFORMATION ***********************

Background to proposal: At present SRPD has 1 official Training Officer. It is his responsibility to co-ordinate ALL training for new recruits, as we are getting a small trickle of recruits all the time, and as he also is active Officer who is required to be out on the streets, he cannot dedicate the time needed to each new individual joining us. In many cases these individuals are then leaving is in frustration from lack of training and support in their early weeks, or they are going out onto the streets without adequate training and supervision.

I (Lt Brentt) am also a Field Training Officer(FTO), I periodically provide general departmental training, however as Operational Command and deputy Chief when Chief Jade is not on duty, I have precious little time to de