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Letter to the Editor

Official statement from Frank Castle and Castle Foundation regarding the so called "Twitter bomb" article in Santa Ramona Chronicles.

I, Frank Castle I am disgusted with the gossip level of our police department. Your [SRPD] logo is under the tweets, indicating that you are monitoring me and my social media activity. Further more, it is rather repulsive seeing our police forces acting like a cheap chasers of gossip. I know I am a some type of a celebrity in our town but dragging my family through mud of gossips is unacceptable.

This fully indicates the lack of professionalism and further more you will face a lawsuit for your behavior. Breaking law and punishing me for it is one thing, but stalking me, raiding my casino and probably soon my house, is something straight out from George Orwell 1984 book. This book was a warning not a manual to implement thought crime and harass citizens.

This blatant attack on me and my family and co-workers only highlights your personal hate toward me and my family. You have been warned chief Jade. We will see each other in courtroom for this cheap trick.


Frank Castle