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SRPD maintains a presence on social media as we believe in promoting positive interactions with the community as much as possible. It also helps us to monitor when there are problems or issues that may need police response. Recently, a crop of threats have appeared on twitter. These threats have been aimed at SRPD and the court house. While citizens are welcome to express their opinions, anger, frustrations and constructive criticism about the SRPD and court house, it is illegal to make threats of violence against anyone, especially a court house.

Be advised that threats made against the SRPD and the court house and its personnel are against the law. Threatening to raid a court house or bringing a rifle could be construed as a threat of domestic terrorism. Threats against the SRPD and court house are taken seriously and will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Again, you're welcome to hate on the PD. You're welcome to express your frustrations and support for those you love. You're even welcome to flip us off when you see us on the street. This is all protected under freedom of speech. However, you are not allowed to make threats of violence. Please be mindful of this when posting to social media.

Thank you, Sarina Jade