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03/08/19 "Arrest made in connection with previous incident Battery of a Police Officer"

On Friday 8th March 19, SRPD Officers went to the home address of the woman involved in an incident about 3 weeks earlier. See 02/20/19 "Battery of a Police Officer"

After announcing themselves several times with no one coming to the door, one of the Officers went around the back of the premises and saw evidence that someone was inside. The two SRPD Officers then breeched the door and obtained access to the building.

After clearing the building they found the suspect from this earlier incident, huddled in front of a window on the landing. They both aimed their fire arms at her and told her she was under arrest. The female then gave them probable cause to believe she was planning on running. Both Officers then holstered their firearms and tackled her on the ground to prevent her from fleeing.

Both Officers obtained minor physical injuries during the altercation, as the female attempted to get away from them. They managed to secure her in cuffs and took her to SRPD jail. Both Officers were wearing their body cameras throughout. No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

03/19 "Arrests made in connection with previous incident 02/27/19 "Shoot out at Casino"

Two suspects in connection with the above incident have been arrested and were taken into police custody. One a female was arrested at her home address by SRPD Officers on 3/4/2019. She was arrested for Attempted Murder. Another male suspect handed himself in on 03/09/19 after SRPD Officers went to his home and work address and informed his partner that they were looking for him in connection with Unlawful possession charges.

SRPD Officers after questioning all the people involved believe there is still one suspect unaccounted for. No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 3/8/19 "Shop Robbed"

On the Evening of Friday March 8th 19. SRPD Officers were called to a business in Imperial Plaza Mall after a female had come into the store and demanded the staff to empty the cash register, at gun point.

It is believed the woman might of been high as she was speak some nonsense part of the time. The store owner complied in fear of her life and the female fled with the contents of the cash register.

The store owner recognized the woman and supplied SRPD with both a description and possible name. The female is already known to SRPD from previous incidents some months ago. SRPD are now on the lookout for her and are hoping to make an arrest soon.

No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 03/19/19 "Multiple Criminal Threats and Battery of LEO"

Early in the Morning of Tuesday March 19th 19. A female stopped an SRPD Officer as he was walking across the front of City Hall to fetch his cruiser. The Officer duly stopped to see what she needed. The female then told him that she had escaped Prison in another county and had murdered someone.

Having been told that the Officer had very little choice but to detain the woman until he could establish if that was truly the case or not. He cuffed her and she was compliant until and another female appeared on scene. The second female appeared to be trying to help the suspect and appealing to the Officer on her behalf to let her go. However the suspect then started to make death threats to the second female.

The Officer then took the female into custody. The Officer read her her rights and she remained compliant until they were in the booking room. Once she was out of handcuffs the female then Assaulted the female Officer who had come to help with searching her by punching her in the eye. She was then tackled by SRPD Officers re-cuffed and put in a solitary cell. She also made death threats to both Officers present.

The female was removed from the cell sometime later and interviewed. The interviewing Officer attempted to find out what jurisdiction she had escaped from in order to contact them. She refused to tell them. The interviewing Officer terminated the interview shortly after as she was racking up more charges every time she opened her mouth by continuing to make death threats to the Officers and various other persons.

As she was being transported back the cell, she started spitting on the Officers. They ordered her to stop and informed her she continued they would place a spit hood on her. She failed to comply, so she was hooded and placed back into her cell.

She is being charged with Prisoner Escape, Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer and at least 4 counts of issuing Criminal Threats for continuing to make death threats to the Officers and members of the public.

The arresting Officer was wearing his body camera throughout and the incidents took place in full view of City Hall and PD cameras.

No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


"Public Intoxication"

On the evening of Wednesday March 20th 19, two SRPD Officers were on foot patrol around the Shady Lane area. They noticed a woman who went passed them staggering and stumbling and crossed the road to check she was okay. Whilst talking to her the Officers saw tell tale drug track marks, made by injecting certain drugs into a vein, on the females uncovered arms.