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Citizens are being treated to a mouthwatering competition between several dining establishments individual chefs and municipal departments all in the name of a good cause.

The Extreme Cook Off Contest is being held on April 7th, 5pm, located outside of The Reel restaurant on Old High Street where the Fire Department and Santa Ramona Hospital and Police Department are also located. Live music will be provided by Asher's Music Store.

The contest is open for all budding chefs and dining establishments- booths can be rented for $100 dollars with several prizes expected to be given to the lucky winners of the competition.

Tickets are $15. Businesses are able to participate to promote themselves without entering the contest as long as they rent a booth.

All money spent will be given to the City council's Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Fund for the city to be able to draw on in times of need.

Doctor Evelyna Stone, Chief of Staff of Santa Ramona hospital had this to say about the event that she is helping to run with others:

"The City Services of Santa Ramona are looking to raise funds for the Natural Disaster Relief and Recovery Funds that were depleted by the flooding and the costly repairs on the dam that finally gave way not long ago.

The fund was there to help us through that difficult time and while we have sunny skies and nice waves, it's time to all pitch in to replenish that fund in the event we need its help again.

The fire department, police department and hospital/clinic of Santa Ramona Valley are working together with local businesses to bring a series of monthly street fairs together. Our first in the series will be a cooking contest open to all citizens of Santa Ramona; businesses, restaurants, clubs, city services or individuals are able to rent a booth to participate. Once they show up, they can give out samples of their amazing cooking or drinks and they can also just have a booth to recruit or spread awareness of their business, group or club. Citizens can then buy a ticket that gets them all access sampling, great music and mingle with the great community of Santa Ramona Valley.

This event, The Reel Club has graciously offered to sponsor the contest, which means more proceeds for the fund! We'll have music, food, drinks and fun... all for a great cause that all of us benefit from. After everyone has sampled the great foods and drinks, they will cast a vote for their favorite booth and the winner will get bragging rights, a great prize to be announced and at least one catering event with one of the City Services!"

Chief Dimitri Rousseau, another organizer had this to add: "I've worked in differen' Fire Departmen's and at one point operated a Coast Guard agency in Louisiana, my experience in natural disasters such as floodin, hurricanes an' earthquakes has made me desire to contribute to a worthy cause that the city will benefit from.

This fund is importan' not only for City Council to have in place but for the city itself. The FD an' myself realize the need for preparation, respondin, recovery an migitation---disaster managemen'. While we have a good time planned, this also lets us all also prepare an' be ready for any potential bad times in future. We expect a lot of money to be raised."

For questions and further details contact Dr Stone via email, or Chief D. Rousseau of the Fire Dept.

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