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Aspiring Chef Makes The FD Cut!

Serina Del Nero, an aspiring chef and clerk in 'Asher's Music' store located out on Shady street, is the latest hire for the Santa Ramona Valley Fire Department.

Chief Dimitri Rousseau of the Santa Ramona Fire Vallley Department told the Chronicles that he is "..excited about this new hire, an aspiring chef will be good for the department an' give Serina herself a place that will appreciate her cookin' an' let her experiment wit' her dishes before she breaks ground in some fancy restaurant of her own."

The Chief added that he had hired Serina Del Nero on a part time basis and was glad to have her on board with plans to collaborate for fund raising events in future.

Serina Del Nero herself states, "It's an honor to work here for... those brave people that need to keep themselves fit and still deserve a nice taste for their meals, and that's way less easy than do whatever i could with butter and oil to put some crunchy, and unhealthy, stuff on a table. This is instead quite a challenge that i'm really looking forward to take, and i think in my Mediterranean culture i have plenty to take from to reach the goal keeping them fit and happy!"

The Italian chef also delivered this comment about her cooking style, "Italian kitchen, the original one, use a small amount of ingredients. What we do it's just to take out the best from them all, and that's what i try to do: adding ingredients isn't as nice as choosing and respect the right one. It's like life, it doesn't get better adding casual stuff, but it's more about finding few important things and keep them tight. That's my take, give the taste, let you enjoy and respect a mussel, a mushroom giving every character the right importance. And i hope you all are going to like it."

Del Nero was joined by her boyfriend Quintin Varmecha who is a Clinic Counselor in the city's south side. The recently established clinic provides services for those who are suffering with mental health issues among other things.

"..the clinic is always open, whether you're feeling depressed, or suicidal, we're always here for you, always open, and if you need to talk someone will always be at the clinic, we work so that mental health can be prioritised no matter the person's income" Mr Varmecha mentioned.

"FD crew go through a multitude of things on tha job an' so havin Mr Varmecha an' tha clinic in tha south side is a welcome link for tha FD---an' I anticipate these resources ta benefit anybody thinkin of applyin or workin' in EMS, Fire fightin' or health care particularly." Chief Rousseau stated.

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