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02/20/19 "Battery of a Police Officer"

On Wednesday 20th February 19, an SRPD Officer on routine patrol approached two people sitting outside Wolfe's when he smelled Marijuana. Upon going over to the male and female the Officer explained to them that it was a criminal offense to smoke Marijuana in public in the State of California as per CA; Prop 64.

Neither of the pair would admit to the Officer whose joint it was and both claimed it to be theirs. As neither would admit it the Officer attempted to write both of them a ticket for Smoking Marijuana in Public place. The male was compliant however the female grew agitated and aggressive.

The female proceeded to blow smoke from the Marijuana joint into the Officers face. Another Officer was called as backup to help contain the scene, but he was called away again on another call.

The First Officer attempted to cuff and detain the female for his own safety, while the Second Officer dealt with the still compliant Male, at which point the female punched the First Officer in the face around his eye/nasal orbital area. The blow caused server bruising and his nose to bleed, but fortunately there were no bones fractured.

As the Officer moved backwards from the blow, the female then shoved a table at him and fled towards the Southside. An NPC Police unit was called to pursue the female but was unable to locate her at that time. However she is well known to SRPD Officers.

The Officer had his body camera running. The Officer was taken to SRGH to get checked out. The male was released without charges, the female will be facing several charges when Officers catch up with her.

No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 02/24/19 "Armed Robbery"

On Sunday 24th February 19, a call was made to SRPD from a woman who had been walking had been walking from Imperial Plaza Mall towards the Bank on Retro Drive.

Just past the Mall she a female with black leather jacket and sunglasses came up behind her holding a gun and ordered her to give over the bag she was carrying. The bag contained a large sum of cash the weekly takings from the victims shop. The victim managed to get a picture of the victim however it it was only partial so may not prove much use in tracing the woman. A copy of the picture is however attached and SRPD asks if anyone recognizes the woman in question to please contact them on their non emergency number.

SRPD also states at this time for people to be extra vigilant when making trips to the bank, especially if they are carrying large amounts of cash. If you see anyone suspicious or anyone you feel uncomfortable about public are urged to call 911 immediately.

No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 02/27/19 "Jade Ventilo"

On Wednesday 27th February 19, Jade Aura Ventilo who had previously escaped from Prison in Sacramento, where she had been serving time for multiple murders carried out 2017-2018 in SRV, was recaptured by SRPD Officers during a stand off after she was spotted leaving the house of her sister, whom she had stabbed and left for dead the previous week.

Ventilo fired several shots at the SRPD Officers seriously injuring one of them. She was however eventually taken down to the ground and restrained. She was taken into custody and US Marshall's were contacted, it was decided that Ventilo would serve out the remainder of her sentence in SRV Jail.

During the arrest Ventilo admitted the battery on her sister and she is also wanted in connection with other offenses that took place the week before were Police Cars were vandalized.

Once her initial sentence is complete she will be facing charges including Battery of a Law Enforcement Officers, Brandishing of a Firearm, Failure to comply with Lawful Order,Prisoner Escape and Attempted Murder among others.

No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.


02/27/19 "Shoot out at Casino"

On Wednesday 27th February 19, SRPD Officers were called out to an incident outside the Castle Casino on Shady Lane. On arriving at the scene Officers found four persons who were suffering from gunshot wounds. The male and three females had suffered serious injuries. EMT's were called and three people were taken to SRGH. One person was pronounced Dead by the EMT's on scene.

As the three surviving people are in serious conditions one is still in a coma, its not entirely clear what happened at this time. SRPD are currently investigating and are hoping to make some arrests in relation to this incident in the near future.

No further information will be released by the Santa Ramona Police Department at this time.